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Tori-Lee POV Lap dance on Babestation website

The beautiful Tori Lee…

Ever fancied a lap dance with Babestation’s Tori-Lee?  I bet you have!  Well, I’d like to say at this point, considering it sounds like I’m leading up to something, that you can win a lap dance with her, but of course that would be absolute bullshit.  However, you can go onto the Babestation website and into the member’s area and watch her doing a great POV scene with one of our lucky cameramen.

Tori-Lee lap dance on Babestation

Tori Lee Babestation

Tori-Lee is our lovely Geordie lass from Newcastle.  She has lots of personality and is fast becoming a favourite here on Babestation.  If you haven’t called her on the phone yet, don’t hesitate to do so please, she’s dying to speak to as many new guys as she can.  A little tip for you: she likes her callers to be “rough and ready;” a little how she likes the men in her life.  You’re going to get a genuine experience from Tori-Lee on the phone, simply because she doesn’t know how to be anything other!

Remember that you won’t get this content anywhere else, it’s exclusive to Babestation; we shoot all this sort of stuff with our members in mind.  Those of you who are loyal fans of a particular girl(s) will always get exclusive content on the Babestation website.

Babestation – Bringing you exclusive Tori-Lee videos!

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Tori Lee wanks off the nation on Babestation

Tori Lee will be on the show tonight guys!  This lovely Geordie lass has a knack of getting you lot off and she’s ready for another session…

When it comes to men Tori-Lee likes them “rough and ready” (imagine it in a Geordie accent and it’s much more sexy!) and she’s ready to “wank the nation off” as she so eloquently puts it in her own inimitable way!



This former magazine model (stockings to be more precise) has been with the Babestation team for a while now and she loves it.  When it comes to getting those lovely tits out on screen she’s not shy at all, and when you see the way she moves, you’ll wonder why she didn’t start out here a lot sooner; mind you at only 25 years old, she’s got plenty of time to go yet at Babestation.

On another note, we’ll be putting some more behind the scenes stuff up at the weekend, so keep your eyes on the blog and leave us a few comments; we like to know we’re doing our job right!

Babestation – The nation’s best girls on the nation’s number one Babe Channel

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Tori-Lee joins the Babestation line up tonight

Tonight on Babestation we have Tori-Lee joining us.  We’re so glad to get our hands on her (if only!) and we’re hoping that you’ll all tune in to watch her Babestation début performance.  It isn’t as though she’s new to the babe shows of course; Tori is an old hand, and certainly knows how to entertain the callers.

Free Tori-Lee pictures

Free Babestation pics

For us at Babestation it’s not always about how good they look of course; we’re sure you’re aware that it’s a lot to do with how good they are on the phone too.  But if you’ve ever called Tori-Lee on the phone for another channel then you’ll know that she is a professional dirty talker, and you’ll get just what you want from her.

She said:

I’m glad to be part of the Babestation team.  I love to talk dirty and I’ve done it for years.  Not just on the phones to you lot either.  I loved my time at Red Light and I’ll miss the guys over there, but you’ve got to keep on moving onwards and upwards as they say!

We also look forward to shooting her for the website real soon.  That should be a lot of fun, and I for one can’t wait to see the results; we’re sure they’ll get a lot of attention from you guys out there. This is why we’d like to ask you for ideas on how you’d like to see her?

Leave us a comment and tell us what you’d like

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