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Savannah – Babestation Tonight!

It’s Monday morning and the skies are grey again.  Looks like autumn is well on the way, so what can we do to help with that?

Well we can tell you that the stunningly beautiful and delightfully dirty Savannah will be on the show tonight!  Savannah is enough to brighten any grey day, or night.  Those beautiful big tits and that perfectly formed hour glass figure is something to be marvelled.  Since Savannah joined the team at Babestation she’s managed to create quite a buzz and develop an enormous fanbase.

Savannah big tits

Savannah on Babestation tonight

She’s another of those Babestation Babes that loves to chat to her fans.  When she’s on the show she takes call after call, and when she’s not on the show she’s usually chatting away to her fans and other babes via Twitter.  For those of you who can remember a time before Twitter, or even a time before the internet, could you have imagined all that time ago being able to chat online to gorgeous glamour model like Savannah?  That’s what I call evolution; heaven only knows what you’ll be able to do in another 30-40 years!

You don’t have to be a member of Babestation to watch the show obviously, but if you want some exclusive Savannah content, including videos and pictures we can’t get away with showing on the telly, then you can sign up for a two day trial for £1.50!  If you do this, you can simply download all the Savannah content so you have it on your PC or other device for as long as you want it; but don’t forget that we add content all the time – it’s up to you…

Babestation – The home of Savannah!

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Savannah and Preeti on Babestation X this weekend!

It’s going to be another stunning show on Babestation X this weekend!

They’ve got Savannah on Friday and Preeti on Saturday!  You can’t get much bloody better than that really can you?

Savannah is on Friday night, and she’s really looking forward to the show.  When you get a Babestation girl like Savannah, with those fantastic tits bouncing all over the place, you’ve just got to make a date to stay in on Friday night; or at least come home from the pub early and let her entertain your trouser snake for a while.  It’s only fair he gets some attention after you’ve been gawking at all the talent in the boozer and giving him none!

Savannah on Babestation X Friday night

Savannah on Babestation X Friday night

Remember you can catch this Babestation X live event here on the standard Babestation website for free if you’re a member of course.  If you’re not a member you can get it for as little as £1.50 including all the content from our site!

Preeti on Babestation X Saturday night

Preeti on Babestation X Saturday night

Preeti is always up for some Babestation X activity, as you all know, so Saturday will be her night to show everyone what she’s got –again!  We’ve got some great content for Preeti in the member’s area by the way, and it’s all exclusive to Babestation.  It’s a great time to use the trial membership this Friday because you get two days access.  Two live shows, and two days on our website to help yourself to all the exclusive Babestation girl content you’ll ever need.

It’s all £1.50!

Babestation – Fuck me it’s cheap adult entertainment

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Babestation fantasy shower girls!

The weather is soooooooooooo hot!  So we thought we’d give you a little something to help you cool off and relax in this heat…

We’ve collected a couple of your favourite Babestation girls in the shower from our website member’s area.  These girls not only know how to make you hot and bothered, they’re also very good at cooling off in the shower!


Savannah - Babestation

Imagine taking Savannah from behind in the shower!

Could you imagine for one moment getting behind Savannah in the shower on a hot day.  This picture will be perfect for helping you create that image.  The water hasn’t been turned on yet, but imagine pulling those little bikini bottoms down like this and having your wicked way with her from behind, whilst grabbing hold of those lovely big tits!  Then you could turn the water on and add to the whole sensation…

Brookie Little

Brookie Little

And let’s not forget about this little water baby!  The fabulous Brookie Little!  The only thing missing from this picture is of course you sucking on those big wet nipples; I suppose a bar of soap would be a good idea too!  A nice soapy tit fuck with Brookie would be an opportunity most people would give their right arm for!

Babestation - Jada in the shower

Babestation – Jada in the shower

And finally, what about Jada in the shower!  WOW!  This picture says it all doesn’t it?  Getting her in there in her t-shirt and knickers, making her soaking wet, tugging at those wet panties as you struggle to get them down before taking her roughly from behind?  It’s making me as stiff as a double whiskey after a bad day!

Babestation – Facilitating your fantasies!

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Savannah the Office Girl

Savannah is attracting a hell of a lot of attention at the moment and it’s not really surprising when you take a look at this shoot…

She’s one of the rising stars at Babestation and she’s proving to everyone just how photogenic she can be in this naughty office girl shoot.  Could you actually imagine having a girl like this in your office?  It would be like working at a porn studio for fuck’s sake!  This is what it’s like at our office all the time you know… I know how jealous you are!


Savannah – Babestation

Savannah will be among the girls we’ll be interviewing and writing a profile on, so remember the thing at the moment, if you want to ask her anything in particular tell me in the comment box below and I’ll try my best to get onto it for you.  I’m sure Savannah has a lot to say about her time at Babestation and before.  Doesn’t it make you wonder where we find this sort of talent?  I’m forever questioning it!

I’d like to imagine her working in a real swanky legal office or something.  You know the type of place (perhaps, or at least you can imagine), where they sit you in a nice parlour type place and have the office girl serve you tea or coffee whilst you wait for your over priced lawyer.  Savannah would cross the floor and lift her skirt to show you her stocking tops and panties, just for the hell of it.  She is a very filthy babe!  Then she’s do a little posing for you while you wait.  The ultimate office girl!  You wouldn’t be allowed to touch her though, it would be enough to drive you crazy and give you enough wood to light a bonfire, but that’s all you get.


Savannah – Babestation

We’ll leave you with those thoughts and hope that you’ll check out Savannah when she’s next on the show.  Remember that you can get regular updates on the Babestation show by following us on Twitter, or checking out our Facebook Page; we update every day so you don’t need to miss a thing.

Babestation – Bringing you the best in new TV Babes!