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The New Breed of Babestation – Paris

Paris is well and truly one of the new breed of Babestation girls.  At only 21 years old she’s already making an impression on the adult industry; who knows how far she’ll go…

Ever wonder where the gorgeous Paris gets her moves from?  Well it turns out that she’s a stripper up North in Nottingham, and we have it on very good authority that she’s one hell of a pole dancer.  This doesn’t surprise us when you consider that Paris actually teaches pole dancing here in the UK, and also abroad.

Paris from Babestation

Babestation’s Paris

She features on Babestationcams and the night time shows mostly at the moment boys, but she may be considering a move to Babestation X to do solo live shows in the future.  Why don’t you give us your opinion on that move in the comments box and let’s see just how many of you fancy seeing how far Paris will go solo?

Seeing her sitting on the floor here with those lovely tits poking out of her tiny little denim jacket is enough to brighten anyone’s day.  Those stripper heels, those stockings and that gorgeous carefully placed tattoo are enough to give you a hard on the size of Nebraska, but tell us, have you ever actually spoken to this Babestation girl on the phone before?  This is an experience not to be missed we can assure you!

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Paris returns on Babestation Academy!

This week on Babestation Academy we have some great news…

We’ve worked with Paris before and we’re very happy to have her returning on Wednesday for Babestation Academy.  You must be familair with her if you’ve been attentive.  Even if you’re not, you simply have to catch her on Wednesday’s show.


Paris – Babestation Academy

Paris is one of those girls who oozes sexuality from every pore, and it’s at times like this that it makes me sick to the stomach to be sitting here writing bloody blog posts when there’s so much going on in the studio.  Wednesday sees Kiki Minaj getting fucked by Dean Van Damme on Sexstation Unleashed, and the return of Paris to the show!  What else?  Oh yes, we’ve also got the lovely Dani Levy and the very first time for Daisy Dash!

Babestation Academy

Babestation Daytime babe Daisy Dash

Daisy Dash!  Now there’s a name to remember.  It’s great to see Daisy branching out and joining Dani on the Babestation Academy show on Wednesday.  Not sure how she feels about it.  Probably nervous, so a few words of encouragement might be warranted here guys.  Get your comments in the box so we can let her know.

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