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Babestation Academy! What you need to know…

Do you lot know about Babestation Academy?

Whether you do or don’t you’ll need to read this because it’s important, so put your glasses on for a moment and your cock in your pants.


Babestation Academy Recruit Ruby

Some of you may be aware that Babestation Academy Training began a couple of weeks ago, online via our website.  Training is now in session every week from 4pm-6pm and the girls on the show are trying out for the accolade of appearing on the live SKY line up in the following weeks.

Most of them haven’t done it before, but they’re all usually from the glamour industry – not necessarily “adult” if you catch my drift.

Babestation pics

Babestation recruit Penelope

These “training girls” will only charge you 36 pence per minute to tease and please you during the hours of 4-6 pm every week on a Wednesday.  You can go along to the show and have some fun with them and then vote for them FREE via our website until Thursday.  After the training session we compile all your votes and see just how well each recruit has done and pick the cadets who will appear on the live Sky show in the following weeks.

Good idea yes?

First Live Show tomorrow night 9pm!

Following the last recruiting session, we chose our new Academy babes and they’ll be live tomorrow night at 9pm!  These babes include the very successful Paris Pricey who will be leading the team and showing the new cadets how it’s done.

Cadet Leader Paris Pricey starts the first live show Wednesday 9pm

Cadet Leader Paris Pricey starts the first live show Wednesday 9pm

Following Paris will be two more hot from the training camp cadets – Danni Levy and the dominatrix Kimberley James


On Babestation Academy Wednesday 9pm



Babestation Academy Kimberly

You’ll be able to see their profiles on the Babestation Academy page and have your say about who should stay on Babestation Academy and who should go!

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