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Jada – Babe of the Week!

Jada is on screen tomorrow night guys and she’s ready for action…

We’re naming Jada our Babe of the Week, not simply because she’s gorgeous, but because she’s been such a member of our Babestation community, for such a long time, she deserves recognition!

Jada - Babe of the Week

Jada – Babe of the Week

And who could fail to recognise Jada?  It makes me wonder just how she manages to do her shopping in the supermarket these days being so characteristically recognisable.  It’s that slender, petite body, that mysterious and exotic look, and that beautiful brunette hair.

We’ve posted a couple of her classic pictures here, but if you want more you can get all the Jada content you can handle on the website right now (remember you can become a trial member for two days for just £1.50)

Jada - Babe of the Week

Jada – Babe of the Week

Tell us what it is about Jada that does it for you?  Her perfect little arse?  Her wonderfully pert titties?  There’s so much to choose from we know, but please do your best.

You can catch Jada on the show tomorrow night (Thursday) at around 10pm I think; well that’s the schedule anyway!

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Dirty Jada on Babestation X Saturday 15th June!

We’re so happy that Jada has been with us so long!  She’s such a Babestation All-Star we doubt she’ll ever stop doing what she does best!

And tonight of course she’ll be appearing on Babestation X for a live, and very dirty show.  They don’t call her “Dirty” Jada for nothing you know.  Not if this picture is anything to go by; just look into her eyes and you can tell how filthy she is.

Jada on Babestation X tonight

Dirty Jada from Babestation

You can also follow Jada on Twitter if you’d like to chat with her prior to her show; she’d love to hear from you I’m sure.  All our girls like to get ideas about clothes and shows etc from their fans, and we know there are a lot of Jada fans out there!
Talking about Jada and the amount of time she’s been with us here at Babestation TV, you might be interested in looking at the member’s area of the website to see just how much content we’ve got of Jada.

Remember that you can see all this content, and watch the live show tonight if you sign up for a trial membership for £1.50!  That’s got to be good right?  The ultimate Jada package!

Babestation – Home of Jada!


Babestation’s Dirty Jada spreads em…

So we’re all still enjoying this fantastic Bank Holiday weather?  How often does this happen on a Bank Holiday for goodness sake!  Well here’s even more reason to be happy…

Babestation All Star Jada has made a nice little video of herself in some very kinky underwear, bending over the bar (goodness knows where) ready to take it wherever you want to give it to her.  Jada’s arse is something else I’m telling you.  So tight and firm and entirely smackable!  Who wouldn’t want to go on a little anal adventure with Jada I ask you?  Holding onto her lovely, long, black hair whilst you got yourself on board at the rear of the ride?

Babestation Jada

Jada spreading them at the bar

This video is available on the Babestation website, only to members.  Membership costs fuck all really when you consider what you’re getting for your money.  If you’re a true Babestation fan and have a few favourite girls it’s well worth the money to get the exclusive videos and pictures that you can’t get anywhere else.

If Jada is your favourite Babestation girl then you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s Jada content on the site dating back years!  You can download the lot if you want it.

BabestationTV – Giving you the very best from your favourite girls…

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Dirty Jada on Babestation X Saturday 11th May!

We know you like it when our girls cross over like this, so we’re very pleased to announce that Jada will be performing a solo show for you tonight on Babestation X…

Jada has been part of the Babestation team for many years and has always pulled them in (no pun intended!)  Now she’s planning to do the very same on Babestation X tonight; who knows how naughty she’ll get?  We realise that the term “naughty” is a bit vague, and we’re sorry, but you have to appreciate that we don’t really know how far the girls will be prepared to go.  Personally I think this is a good thing because it gives the whole solo girl sex show an element of mystery; but it’s each to his own of course.  We’re certain that Jada will put on a good show regardless of what she does.  If she sat on a chair for two hours, dressed in a old potato sack we’d still have raging hard ons!

Babestation - Jada

Jada does her live show on Babestation X tonight

Remember that if you’re already a member of Babestation X you get to watch free either on the Babestation X website, or on Freeview channel 174 by going to the site first to get your FREE PIN code.  If you’re not a member you can watch Babestation X on the web or the TV for just £1.50 a night!  This is probably the cheapest live solo girl show you’ll get to watch so you might as well make the most of it!

Jada is looking forward to her show.  Apparently she’s already getting ready for it!  You know these girls and their outfits!  Wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall in the dressing room…

Babestation – Sending our Babestation Veterans over to the dark side!

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Something from the weekend on Babestation sir?

Babestation have a few snaps from the weekend on Extreme and we thought we’d share them with you on this blog…

Lacey Lorenzo is getting better and better at this stuff, and this weekend saw her doing yet another special on BSX.  She did this alongside Stevie, who also had a wonderful time.

Babestation Extreme

Great show on BSX

It was a treat to see the two of them playing around on the same screen, and we’ll all be looking forward to seeing a lot more of them in the future.

Saturday's BSX Show

Babestation Extreme

Then of course there was the Saturday night special, with Dionne Mendez and the legendary Dirty Jada!  We have it on very good authority that these two had you up all night long!

Let’s hope it’s just as much fun next weekend

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Dionne Mendez and Jada on Babestation Extreme tonight!

It’s another night in for the boys!  Dionne and Jada are on your BSX screen tonight – Freeview 174

Or of course you can go to the Babestation Extreme website

Hot Babestation Extreme show

Dionne and Jada on Babestation tonight!

Here’s a little video for you on The Daily Motion!  It’s always good to see Dionne, and it’s an extra special treat to have Jada on the same night!  I know what I’ll be doing this evening.


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Nurse Jada gives Kimmy Haze a quick check up!

Nurse Jada give Kimmy Haze a sexy check up at Babestation

It’s not every day you get to see a Babestation girl like Jada throwing caution to the wind and getting involved in a bit of hardcore girl on girl, but that’s exactly what happened recently in this scene with Jada and Kimmy Haze!

It’s a bit of sexy role play, as Jada plays the nurse who needs to give Kimmy a once over, but as you can imagine, one thing leads to another and before long Jada has taken on the sexy toys!

This is yet another example of the harder content we’re shooting here at Babestation, as part of Babestation Xtreme, and just to make the website connect a little more revealing!

Take a look inside the Babestation website to see all of our latest hardcore content!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Jada’s Polka Dot Dress

jada takes her knickers off for the babestation cameras

It’s been a while since we had some new Jada pics to show you, so today is a good day for all fans of classic Babestation girls like Jada! In this very sexy shoot, she goes all Minnie Mouse on us and dresses up in a cute little red polka dot dress, before taking her underwear off and flashing her flower for the Babestation cameras!

Take look at the free picture of Jada below from this hot new shoot to see exactly what we mean!

Jada has been with Babestation almost from the beginning, so has tonnes of pictures and videos to look at inside the Babestation official website! So, if you’re a fan of Babestation and Jada, it’s the only place you need to go to get your fix of this girly goodness!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Jada full frontal nudity on the pole!

jada gets naked and dances round the pole in the babestation studios

Today’s hottest website update features some fairly rare nudity from Jada, as she strips and dances round the pole in the Babestation studios!

This has to be one of the greatest shoots to look at if you want to get an idea of what an amazing body Jada has! It has to be one of the sexiest bodies at Babestation, and it looks fantastic in the nude like in this shoot!

The way Jada bends her body round this pole is epic, and the only place you can see it is on the Babestation website, go there now and take a look!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Jada – Oriental Beauty!

Jada from babestation dresses up in her best far eastern clobber and looks sexy!

This is a very sexy, far-eastern style shoot from Jada, one of the classic Babestation babes who has been with us now for years! She gets all dressed up in some very glamourous chinese-style clobber, before taking it all off and getting naked!

Jada, looks amazing in this shoot; take a look at the free picture below to see just how hot she is! These new shoots are all going on the Babestation website to join all of Jada’s sexy back-catalogue of content, so go there and take a look at her stuff!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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