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Babestation Girls in Mallorca!

Georgie Darby, Dani O'neal and Tiffany Chambers show off their bums on the beach!

I’m sure regular viewers of this site are aware of this fact by now, but we thought we get a blog post down about the fortnight of sun, sea and sex that loads of the Babestation babes had in Mallorca!

A few weeks back we took Dani O’Neal, Paige Tyler, Georgie Darby, Camilla Jayne, Kandi Kay, Lilly Roma, Preeti & Priya, Tiffany Chambers, Delta White, Ree Petra, Vanessa Walker and Kerry Louise on a bit of a jolly (all business, you understand) to Mallorca, to do lots of shooting! We wanted sexy pics and vids in the sun, and we go them, lots of them! As well as some great scenes in the pool, beach and around the massive villa we hired for the girls!

So if this sounds like the kind of thing you could get into in a big way, you should check out our website, we’re sticking all the brand new Mallorca content! Like this picture of Camilla Jayne on the left; nakedness and the turqoise sea are a great combo!

All of our sexiest girls went out, so you’re bound to find something you like inside the site! We also shot some great hardcore with some of the more porn-orientated babes, the best of which we will be lauching this weekend on Babestation Xtreme!

We also shot a pretty good MTV cribs style video in and around the villa, presented by the quite splendid Dani O’Neal! See the rooms, the girls, the clubs, and get a good idea of the kind of things the girls got up to over there! You can see the video on our website, on a page we threw together dedicated to the Mallorca content. Take a look now!

For all of the hot, Mallorca content, from all of the girls, go to the official website today! That you can find just over here!


Gracie & Tammy Get Close!

Gracie and Tammy Taylor get up close and personal at Babestation

One of the hottest shoots we’ve had recently has to be this one, featuring Gracie and Tammy Taylor! These Babestation Daytime babes looked like they really enjoyed this one, and Grace just couldn’t wait to get her hands all over Tammy!

We’ve put a few pics up for this set on the portfolio, and let’s face it, you’d be silly not to check them out! Go here to see them.

To see the full shoot of Gracie and Tammy Taylor, go to the Babestation site!

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Tiffany Chambers & Kandi Kay – Bed Time Babes

Tiffany Chambers and Kandi Kay have sexy photoshoot in the bedroom

Some of the hottest content we’ve had for Babestation in recent weeks has been from this shoot featuring Tiffany Chambers and Kandi Kay. In one day they thrashed out so many hot pics together from the shower, the bed, the balcony, all over this London pad!

In these sexy pics Tiffany and Kandi get close and intimate on the bed! The two topless beauties pose with each other and rub their hands all over each others curvy bods!

It’s worth signing up to the Babestation site just for these pictures to be honest, not to mention the 50,000 other pictures and videos we have of all the Babestation girls, featuring hardcore shoots for Babestation Xtreme!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Rio Lee and Leah Jaye have a good dildo sesh!

Rio Lee and Leah Jaye in some hardcore dildo action with Babestation

Another very hot hardcore shoot to add to the long line of stuff we’ve had going up on the site recently! Today, check out what happened when we took Rio Lee & Leah Jaye, put them in a room together with a few lengthy, colourful items, and left them to it! As you can imagine it gets pretty hot, summed up perfectly in the pic below!

Both of these hot honies shag each other with their favourite sex toys, and you can tell from the pics on the Babestation website that they both had the time of their lives during this epic shoot!

Check out the free pic then head to the site for more!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Dani O’neal and Amanda Rendall – Girl on Girl hardcore!

Dani O'Neal and Amanda Rendall lick each other's pussy's for Babestation Xtreme

There’s been no shortage of hardcore content for the Babestation website recently, and today continues the theme with this girl on girl shoot with Dani O’neal and Amanda Rendall having a bit of a sesh!

By now, these two legends of the adult TV industry are no strangers to each other, having been having hard shoots together for years for their solo sites and other projects! But in this one they team up at Babestation for one of their hottest shoots ever!

You can see this and tonnes of other hardcore Babestation content over at the website, so check it out!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Hello everyone!

Some info about what’s coming up this weekend! We have live shows, brand new BSX films, new Killergram features as well as never-before-seen footage from previous Live shows; what happens when the camera stops rolling?

Some of the highlights:


  • LIVE SHOW featuring Tina Love and Rio Lee – should the be the usual schedule, with two segments between 12 and 1am.
  • Also, an exclusive new film with Lolly Badcock & Michelle Moist. The plot? Lolly is a working girl in Michelle’s whorehouse but Michelle thinks she can do better, so takes it upon herself to open Lolly up to some of the opportunities available Wink
  • Some unseen footage from the live show with Dani O Neil & Jamie Brooks


  • LIVE SHOW featuring Michelle Moist & Leah Jaye in her first Live show
  • Another new movie featuring Jada & Kimmy. This time Jada plays the high Class Escort helping Kimmy over her cheating Boyfriend.
  • Unseen footage from the live show we filmed a few weeks ago featuring Lolly & Angel


  • Brand new & exclusive film with Lolly Badcock & Angel Long. The spotlight is on the golden chez lounge as Lolly tastes Angel in all the right & wrong places with her tongue going ten to the dozen and Angel loving it – Plenty of close ups!
  • Unseen footage with Michelle Moist & Evey from their super hot Live set
  • Plus super Hot sexy porno action with Dani, Karina, Camilla & More

In case you don’t know, Babestation Xtreme can be purchased for £5 behind the red button of Freeview channel 96, and at bsx.tv from 11pm. Show starts at midnight on channel 96!


Daryl Morgan & Dani O’Neal in the Babestation basement

Daryl Morgan & Dani O'Neal sexy photo shoot in the Babestation lift

Two of the most renowned Babestation veterans, Daryl Morgan and Dani O’Neal, team up in the Babestation basement to produce one of the hottest photo shoots ever!

These two girls have such sexy bodies, and both have amazing boobs, it makes their presence together in front of our cameras absolutely stunning!

There’s a cheaky little free picture below of the Daryl and Dani going at each other, but you’ll have to get over to the Babestation website if you want to see the full, red hot photo shoot! And when it features two of the hottest girls on Babestation like these, you’d be foolish to miss out!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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