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Georgie Darby on Babestation

Are you enjoying Georgie at the moment?  Sure you are… She’s scheduled for tonight and Monday on Babestation…

We decided to give you a few free pictures of the lovely Georgie, just to wet your appetite and get you in the mood for her live TV appearances over the next couple of days.  She’s just returned from Australia, doing all manner of debauched and crazy things no doubt, so get yourself on the phone, be a gentleman and ask if she had a nice time; I bet she has some stories for you.

Georgie loves nothing more than to get you all excited… you know this to be true if you’ve followed her on Twitter for more than a day!  She’s got a filthy, and quite fucked up mind on Twitter, and she’s even filthier on the phones!  This is what makes her one Babestation’s most popular babes.


Georgie Darby pics in Babestation Member’s Area

Here’s just one of her lines from Twitter.

“I’ll just watch u eat it picking off the grissle around the piss tubes!xx”

Please don’t leave any comments asking me to explain why she says what she says; she just does.  Anyway, if we all looked as good as Georgie I’m sure we’d get away with saying whatever the fuck we wanted too, right?  She really is a foul mouthed, dirty fucker, as I’m sure some of you are well aware.  And now she’s back on Babestation after her little Oz adventure, she is well ready to fill that “spunk bucket” she’s always banging on about.  You know what to do of course…


Georgie – Babestation

These pictures of her with her hand over her pussy just make me think about her playing with herself.  I bet she does it all the time when she’s at home.  How can be a Babestation girl this gorgeous and not stand in front of the mirror playing with yourself all day long… that should be the question here I think.

Anyway, let’s have some fun.  Send us your favourite Georgie Darby Quotes from Twitter.  Leave them in the comment box below and we’ll pick a few out later on.

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Georgie Darby – Babe of the Week!

Free Babestation pic

Free Georgie Darby pic

Georgie Darby has to be a babe of the week, simply because she’s such a foul mouthed, filthy little girl. 

Actually I’m not sure whether to give her “Babe of the Week” status or just slap her naked behind for being so bad!

This is the girl who calls herself the “official spunk bucket filler on Babestationtv” and has the following words in her profile on Twitter:

“Give us a call when ur balls are full”

That kind of says it all doesn’t it?  And you can tell where I’m going with this I’m sure.  Babe of the Week is awarded on merit and they have to do something particularly good to get my attention I’m telling you.  It’s Georgie’s foul mouth that caught my attention on Twitter.  I’ve never actually chatted to her on the phones (note to self: do this!) but I’ve heard she’s pretty dirty there too.

Free Georgie Darby pictures

Babestation pictures

Some Georgie Darby tweets:

“Imagine ur brothers coming in every morning singing love songs to you whilst performing sex acts of each other whilst ur made to watch”

“I’m having to resort 2 putting keys on a necklace so my mum and brother don’t use my dildos when I’m at work #lockupyourdildos”

“Just realised I got a queue fetish. This queues gotta be an 8 outta 10 mixed up with inbreds, and a coach full of boss eyed cunts”

“Hi boys, come and join me on http://babestationcams.com for some filthy ball emptying fun. Bring ur finest toilet roll or dirty old socks xxx”

 So how do we stay so enthralled with one so bloody filthy and sometimes downright wrong?  It’s simply because she’s so gorgeous isn’t it?  When you look at a babe like Georgie Darby you can’t help yourself.

Georgie Darby

Free Babestation pictures

These pictures are from our website, and there are a load more of the gorgeous Georgie.  If you want to get up close and personal with her you should seriously consider simply following her tweets on Twitter.  Here you’ll find that her appalling language and disgusting philosophies are interspersed and somewhat quietened by her rather sexy free pictures!

On site now there is a great video of Georgie in black underwear playing with her lovely pierced nipples.  I had a boner the whole fucking time I’m telling you!



So, I was thinking about some exclusive interviews with the girls.  Tell me what you think and who you’d like to see on here?


Georgie Darby All Naked & Wet!

Georgie Darby gets nude in the showers at Babestation

This it the first time in ages that we have some new Georgie Darby content, so today has to be a special day! In this ridiculously hot new shoot, Georgie gets completely starkers and gets under the shower at Babestation! When you’ve got tits and a body like Georgie, that makes for a shoot you just will not want to miss!

You can see some samples from this new Georgie Darby shoot over at our Babestation porfolio, if you go here! To be honest though, you’d be mad not to go over to the official Babestation website to see just how hot these pics get!

Georgie likes to say that working on Babestation is about “filling the buckets”, with pictures like this we say… “fair enough.”. Check them out now!


Georgie goes topless with her hula hoop

Georgie Babestation

Georgie has taken Babestation by storm since she joined a couple of months ago! She’s a gorgeous British glamour babe, who has had shoots for Page 3, as well as lads mags, and now she entertains you guys on Babestation.

Georgie has the most amazing tits we’ve ever seen, and I’m sure a lot of you out there will agree! 😉

This girl isn’t afraid to show you the goods on camera, both on the Babestation TV show, and in pictures on the Babestation website.

Take a look at the free pic of Georgie, and get over to the website to see the rest of the shoot!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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