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Sunday’s Live Show on Babestation X

Sunday’s live show on Babestation X features our very own Carla Mai!

Freeview Channel 174 – or live on the Babestation X website

Carla Mai is a clear favourite for a live sex show of course, and she’s done it before on many occasions.  If you haven’t seen her perform, either solo, or with another girl, then you’ll get your chance on Sunday!  This weekend, not only has the nice weather, it has the very best in UK porn stars doing exactly what you want too!  You can’t get much better.

UK porn star Carla Mai

Carla Mai

Carla Mai has fantastic little tits that make you just want to play around with them for hours, making those nipples nice and hard, right?  Of course, I’m right.  Either that or I’m taking this a little too far!  She’s going to be playing with Emma Leigh on Sunday and it’s set to be a night to remember.  Make sure you stay tuned to the Babestation and Babestation X twitter feeds, Facebook etc to keep yourself up to date with what’s going on.  You don’t want to miss this Babestation X show because there are a load of new episodes of your favourite UK porn shows going out too; as there have been all weekend.

Babestation X – makes your dick big!

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Tonight’s Babestation Academy 10th April!

It seems so long since last Wednesday guys I’m not sure what the hell has happened.  Here’s your Babestation Academy line up…

To begin with we welcome the return of the filthy porn star Xena to Academy Live.  She’s been working the wood in your trousers ever since she first appeared on Academy, and she promises to do the very same today!  Just take a look at those tits and tell me that you don’t want to spend an evening with them, a bowl of custard and some very kinky underwear!  Or is that just me?

Babestation Academy

Babestation Academy Xena

Then of course we have the very busty Penelope.  It’s all tits in this blog post isn’t it.  Babestation Academy loves to see Penelope on screen because she’s so very popular.  Get calling her guys and see just how much she can do for you.  I’ve been having dreams about this Babestation Academy sweetheart!  She creeps into my bedroom at night and flops those giant tits of hers down on my face in order to wake me up.  Talk about suffocation by pillows!  But that’s not the idea.  In my dream I have her coating them with baby oil and then sliding them much further down my body until she finds her goal; then those boobies really go to work!
Babestation Academy

Penelope Babestation Academy

And finally, brand new to the show, the gorgeous Emma Leigh who is now a fiery Red head!  You know what they say about red heads?  Well, it’s all true.  I’ve had a few in my time and it doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re naturally red head or not, as soon as that colour goes in their hair it’s like a licence to be a complete filthy bitch!  Emma Leigh, the new Babestation Academy recruit looks just the sort to live up to stereotype doesn’t she?
Babestation Academy

Emma Leigh

Anyway, have lots of fun and don’t forget to leave us a comment below if you find these girls particularly interesting.  Who the hell am I kidding, of course you do!
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