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Babestation X is back! This Friday and Saturday…

You may have heard the news already, but for those of you who haven’t…

Babestation X is back!  It’s back, and it’s back in a big way folks.

To re-launch the show on Friday night we have a very special appearance from one of our old Babestation X favourites Dionne Mendez and a new guest to the show, the one and only Playboy superstar and overall adult industry sensation Taylor Shay!  These two will be performing together on Babestation X this Friday at 10pm…

Dionne Mendez on Babestation X

Dionne Mendez on Babestation X Friday night!

It’s going to be a very special show indeed, and we’re hoping that all our members will be there to watch the naughtiness, which looks as though it’s going straight into the hard stuff!  We have it good authority that both girls are well fired up and ready for this show and they’ll be quite literally no stopping them.

Remember that it’s online and you’ll be able to watch it on the Babestation, Sexstation, or Babestation X site; doesn’t matter which one you’re a member of.  If you’re not a member, you can sign up on a two day trial for £1.50 and get the show, plus two days access to all our website content

Taylor Shay

Taylor Shay, performing with Dionne on Friday night…

And that’s not all!  Babestation X have another show on Saturday night featuring Jasmine Jae and Ava Koxxx; details of this show will follow in the next few days!  So if you sign up on Friday night you’ll get all the content and two live shows…

Babestation X – It’s back!

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Dionne Mendez on Babestation X this Saturday night!

It’s always a pleasure to give you good news, and it doesn’t get much better than Dionne Mendez…

Firstly, please don’t forget the Unleashed show tonight at 10pm featuring Samantha Bentley and Dean Van Damme, it’s sure to be fucking awesome.  You can watch it on Babestation if you’re a member, or you can basically choose which of our sites to sign up with and take on a two day trial for £1.50 if you like.  Remember you get two days access to the website as well as the live shows!

Dionne Mendez seems to have had everything written about her that you could possibly write for a porn/glamour star of her standard.  She has indeed reached that heady height of Babeshow stardom and is now a household name.  I wouldn’t even guess the amount of fans she has out there considering how long she’s been in the industry.  But still it has the same affect on us here at the studio to know that she’s coming in.  She’s like Royalty around here and we fucking love it.

Dionne Mendez

Dionne Mendez – the legend – returns to Babestation X on Saturday

We know she does too, and since Babestation X has started to broadcast again online, Dionne has expressed a keen interest in performing again.  She was a little worried, like many of us, that our harder channel wouldn’t be back to do the business on a Friday and Saturday night like it always has.

Dionne will be on the Saturday night live show.  We have yet to confirm who we’ve got for the Friday night show, but we’ll let you know as soon as we can…

Babestation – Proud to know Dionne Mendez!

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Dionne Mendez tonight on Babestation X

Dionne is as happy that the Babestation X shows are continuing as we are, not least because she gets paid of course.  Can you remember your last Dionne show on Babestation X?

If you can remember it, send us a comment and tell us all about it.  We love to read that sort of stuff in the comments, it makes so much more difference than readin “I’d like to bang your back doors in” all the time!

Dionne on Babestation X

Dionne Mendez

Please remember that Babestation X will not be on Freeview anymore, if you want to watch the live show you’ll have to go online to get your action.  It’s not much different really; it all depends on the size of your monitor we suppose!  So what, you won’t be able to sit in your armchair?  You’ll still be able to bang one out in the office chair or whilst balancing your laptop.  It’s all good Babestation X action and you know you’re going to love it.  Members get the show for free of course, and anyone else has to pay £1.50.  That’s as cheap as it’s going to get for a live solo show with a girl as good as Dionne Mendez; so get your arse in gear and get over to the website to sign up.  Remember that if you sign up today and take the two day trial membership for £1.50 you can get both shows as well as all the website content.

Babestation – The return of Babestation X

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Saturday night on Babestation X! Dionne Mendez

That’s right, she’s back again!  Dionne is ready to empty your balls all night long on Babestation’s hottest show…

Babestation X love having Dionne on the show, not only because she’s so popular, but because she’s such a lovely lass!  Finding stars of the adult industry like this isn’t always easy, but we know Dionne from old, and she’s always been one of our favourite Babestation All-Stars!

That’s why she’s back on Babestation X on Saturday 6th July!  You can watch the live show on the Babestation X website (or our website) for £1.50, or if you like the comfort of your armchair and your widescreen TV you could watch it on Freeview Channel 174 for £3.00 (it’s a little bit extra, but it’s certainly worth it!)  Remember that if you’re a Babestation X member you get the show for free online and you only have to pay if you want it on the TV.

live show

Babestation Extreme Saturday 6th July

Dionne has always looked the business, but hen you see her in shots like this, with those massive tits out, looking all filthy, you simply have to unzip and get Mr. Johnson out to play five knuckle shuffle don’t you?  I know I do.  I wouldn’t know what to play with first if I had the opportunity of having a go on Dionne!  :)

Babestation X – The home of Babestation All-Stars gone bad

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Dionne will cool you off!

It’s Saturday night already!  Where does the time go?

Freeview 174 or the Babestation X website for tonight’s live show!

Dionne Mendez is featuring tonight on the Babestation X live show, and because it’s going to be so hot today, we figured you could cool off a little by looking at this picture.  It’s a nice snowy scene – not exactly seasonal, but we don’t give a flying fuck.  It’s got Dionne in it, and she has her tits out; what more could you want?

Dionne Mendez on Babestation X tonight

Dionne Mendez on Babestation X tonight

When you want big tits, you want Dionne Mendez; she is the epitome of big tits and she’s one of our Babestation veterans too.  We’re so glad she’s still doing the Babestation X shows, it would be a shame not to have her when she’s so bloody good at it right?  We’re keen to hear what you think of Dionne on the show, so if you’ve had any favourite moments with this Babestation All-Star please share them with us in the comments box; we love to hear from you, even if you’re having a good old moan about it!

Babestation – The UK’s number 1

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Saturday 9th March on Babestation X!

The BSX weekend continues with one of our all stars! …

You’re not going to want to miss this one.  Check out the video clip!


Dionne Mendez and Lou Lou Petite are planning to go hard at it on Saturday night – nothing will be held back with these two.

Porn show

Babestation X Saturday 9th March

It promises to be one of the best Babestation X lesbian sex shows yet, and I for one am trying my level best to get a front row seat!  Wonder if the boss will get me in there instead of sitting here writing about it?

lesbian sex show

Babestation X Saturday!

Lou Lou Petite really won’t know what the fuck has hit her when Dionne breaks out the dildos we’re sure.


Babestation X – Getting naughtier by the day!

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Something from the weekend on Babestation sir?

Babestation have a few snaps from the weekend on Extreme and we thought we’d share them with you on this blog…

Lacey Lorenzo is getting better and better at this stuff, and this weekend saw her doing yet another special on BSX.  She did this alongside Stevie, who also had a wonderful time.

Babestation Extreme

Great show on BSX

It was a treat to see the two of them playing around on the same screen, and we’ll all be looking forward to seeing a lot more of them in the future.

Saturday's BSX Show

Babestation Extreme

Then of course there was the Saturday night special, with Dionne Mendez and the legendary Dirty Jada!  We have it on very good authority that these two had you up all night long!

Let’s hope it’s just as much fun next weekend

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Dionne Mendez and Jada on Babestation Extreme tonight!

It’s another night in for the boys!  Dionne and Jada are on your BSX screen tonight – Freeview 174

Or of course you can go to the Babestation Extreme website

Hot Babestation Extreme show

Dionne and Jada on Babestation tonight!

Here’s a little video for you on The Daily Motion!  It’s always good to see Dionne, and it’s an extra special treat to have Jada on the same night!  I know what I’ll be doing this evening.


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The Legend Returns – Dionne Mendez

You have heard the rumours… You have seen the blogs… You have read the forums… Now it’s time to officially announce that the legend Dionne Mendez is returning to Babestation on Sunday 11th November.  Xclusive to Babestation X…

She’s been elsewhere doing TV work and goodness knows what else, but now Dionne Mendez is back where she belongs, and she’s filthier than ever!  Can you remember her from Babestation of old?
Free Dionne Mendez pics
It’s all on Sunday guys.  Go to Freeview channel 174 and press red to see pink! Or go to www.bsx.tv
Tell us who else you’d like to see on Babestation or Babestation X



Dionne Covered in Snow!

Dionne Babestation Snowy Topless Shoot

Ok, I’ll be the first admit that this isn’t exactly the most relevant seasonal shoot going, but it hadn’t gone up on the site yet, and is so hot that we thought we may as well put it up to show all you Dionne Mendez fans!

In it, Dionne gets dressed up in some very festive garments and gets covered by a snow machine, while stripping to reveal more and more of that sexy body of hers! While it’s this hot outside, it’s nice to look back and remember just how sexy the Babestation girls look in their red hot Christmas gear!

To see the rest of this shoot and tonnes of others, go to the Babestation website.

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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