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Babestation Daytime Dream Team

Tammy Taylor and Charlie C are very naughty girls, in more ways than one. When I was writing about my visit to the studio the other day they were no more than a few feet away from me, laying on the bed with the phones in their hands, talking to you guys about everything from cars to underwear…

I have it on very good authority from the producer on shift at the time that when these two get together they are quite the recipe for trouble. They were teasing the poor guy something awful about a girl he’s interested in.  It was quite literally like a playground scene with the two of them teasing and chanting at him from either bed; quite a bizarre scene really!  He tells me it’s often like this when the “old school” girls are on shift together.

Tammy Taylor - Stockings

Tammy Taylor in Stockings

It’s all good fun however and the atmosphere is fantastic when you’re simply sitting there listening to what’s going on.  These two girls could quite easily host a comedy hour on the show if they put their heads, and their tits, together!  On Babestation you certainly get a firm sense of community within the ranks of girls, and indeed with the production team; it can’t be easy for these fully clothed guys to walk around the studio all day looking at Charlie C and Tammy Taylor laying on a bed with their tits half hanging out can it?

Babestation – Creating the Daytime Dream-Team


Babestation Daytime with Charlie C

This humble blogger gets to meet the wonderful Charlie C for a nice chat during her daytime show…

Firstly, let me remind you that tonight’s live show on Babestation X features Victoria Summers and Karlie Simon (full hardcore lesbian sex show).

On my visit to the studios the other day I was pleased to see Charlie C, one of the biggest Babestation girls (in more ways than one). She was wearing a wonderful latex outfit that left very little to the imagination. This is of course because her massive tits were hanging out of her top! In fact whenever you see her on the show her tits are barely concealed.

She was happy to speak with me, although a little concerned that it would interfere with her lunch. You can’t blame the poor girl of course, she works real hard on Babestation and Babestationcams, and she needed time to eat, AND do an outfit change in a limited time. We work them like pack horses at the studio you know.

Charlie C big tits

Charlie C chats with Babestation Blogger

Charlie was telling me a little about her tiny little feet. Apparently they’re something to behold, and you lot out there have a very particular fondness for them. Well, let’s call it what it is… a foot fetish! Personally I don’t understand foot fetish, I’m more of a tit man myself, but I’m sure you lot could explain it quite well. If you’d like to leave a comment for Charlie C, she does read this blog and loves to see what you all think of her.

Or alternatively you could follow her on Twitter and find out what she’s up to day by day, see her personal pictures and learn when she’s going to perform and on which show.

Keep it on Babestation. Day or night we’ve got the goods and we’re happy to share them with you

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Where are our Babestation Daytime girls going?

This Friday two of our finest are taking a walk on the wild side of life by performing for those dogs over at Babestation X…

That’s right, we’ve tried our best to protect them as long as we can, but there’s just no keeping a good girl down guys (as I’m sure you’ve all had a lot of experience).  There’s a porn star in all of us, and it looks as though Tammy Taylor and Charlie C might just be considering something new!

Tammy Taylor porn

Tammy Taylor on Babestation X this Friday

Seriously though for a moment.  They’re not leaving us.  They just want to go over to Babestation X on Friday and get a little dirtier than they do on our show, that’s all.  If you want to catch them they’ll be on Friday night on Freeview Channel 174 or on the Babestation X website.  It won’t cost you much to see the show, so all you true Charlie and Tammy fans better be there; I’m sure the girls will be expecting you.

Charlie C porn

Charlie C on Babestation X this Friday

Just out of matter of interest, who else would you like to see out of our Babestation Daytime girls?  I mean going bad on Babestation X – even full porn star mode?  If you’ve got some ideas for us make sure you get your say by adding a comment in the box below and we’ll see what we can do.  The girls always love hearing your thoughts, as you know, so if we can petition them enough who knows where it might lead?

Babestation TV – Letting our girls off the leash and letting them run WILD!

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Babestation Charlie C trying to stay tucked in!

Did you see this?

We’ve noticed that the Babestation videos have been quite popular lately, so we found this one on Youtube and thought you’d like to see it.

Not only is it great just to watch the lovely Charlie C in action, it’s also quite funny to watch her trying to keep those massive tits in that tiny top!

Babestation – The home of the hottest babes in around.

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Babestationcams special offer!

We’d like to tell you about Babestationcams in case you didn’t already know…

Free webcam sex


This is the webcam site where you can catch many of your Babestation favourites, currently on the show, and also those who have been and gone…

We’re sure you can imagine that on webcam you can get away with a little more than what you see on the Babestation show, and let me tell you that our girls and many of the other girls you see on Babestationcams are happy to help you out in that department.

The special offer at the moment allows you to get 100 FREE WEBCAM CREDITS within 24 hours of signing up!  It really is a fantastic offer.  Also if and when you top up your credits you can get 10% on top of that free (depends what you spend of course!)

Imagine getting hold of a babe like Charlie C on webcam when you’re actually getting to chat with her privately for FREE!

Get over to Babestationcams now and try it out

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Charlie’s tiny leopard skin undies!

charlie showing off her arse and legs at babestation

On the site today you can check out these amazing pics of Charlie C showing off her amazing body to the camera! Just look at the immense arse in the picture above!

Charlie C is one of the most popular girls on Babestation, as she is a star on both the daytime and the nighttime shows, so in all likelihood you would have seen her strutting her stuff on TV!

On the Babestation website you can find tonnes of picture and videos of Charlie C, so if she’s one of your fave babes, get over there and check it all out.

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Charlie C’s tiny pink undies!

Charlie C showing off the amazing body at Babestation

One of the most amazing body’s at Babestation is back in some new pictures today, just been uploaded to the official Babestation site!

This is Charlie C, and you can catch her mainly on the Babestation Daytime show, but is also well known for her very sexy stints on the far more revealing night time shows!

We have tonnes of pics and vids of Charlie C on the Babestation site, featuring some recent content of Charlie full nude! Pics that can be missed, all in one place on the website!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Charlie C’s epic body!

Charlie C in a very sexy leggy shoot with Babestation

This very hot shoot with Charlie C showcases exactly how much of an epic body this girls has! She has the curves in all the right places, and some cracking pins, as you can see from the free pic at the bottom of this post!

If you’re a fan of Charlie C, you’ll love it inside the members area at Babestation.tv, where we have 100s of pics and 10s of minutes of video of Charlie being naughty on camera! Go there now.

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Charlie C Creams Herself

Charlie C gets kinky, creaming herself all over

Here’s a bit of a treat for all you Charlie C fans out there; can anyone think of the top 5 ways to remove this cream from Charlie’s body? Answers on a postcard!

Charlie loves getting a bit kinky on the Babestation cameras, and what better way than to get covered in whipped cream for you!

This is definitely one for the foot fetish and leg fans out there, so if you like Charlie C’s epic body all over get to the Babestation website and check out the whole shoot!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Charlie C Nude!

Charlie C gets naked in the Babestation basement!

Here’s a damn hot new shoot from Charlie C, which sees her strip off until she’s wearing nothing but some kinky thigh high boots! Charlie C is definitely giving her fans a bit more skin these days, and these sexy pics are proof of that!

See Charlie C strutting her stuff at Babestation, peeling her sexy lingerie away from her skin, showing off some full frontal nudity!

All of Charlie C’s latest, hardest content can be found at the Babestation website!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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