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Brookie Little and Lacey Lorenzo on Babestation X this weekend!

Babestation are proud to announce another great Babestation X weekend…

This weekend will kick off with Lacey Lorenzo on the show.  Despite her age, Lacey is an old hand at the Babestation X live shows and she’s even happier that she won’t be under the close scrutiny of our competitors because the show is online only (stick that in your pipe and smoke it!)  This means she is free to do whatever she wants of course.

Lacey Lorenzo

Lacey Lorenzo on Babestation X this weekend

The same can be said for our gorgeous Brookie Little who will be on Babestation X Live Show on Saturday!  Brookie and her massive tits will be swinging into action for yet another stunning performance and she looks forward to your support, and if at all possible a little chat with you on the phone.  Remember that Brookie really likes you to get into it folks, so have your best fantasies ready for the weekend.  Hell, you’ve got enough time to be thinking about them.

Brookie Little big tits

Brookie Little Babestation X Saturday night

Mark it on your calendars guys.  Friday with Lacey Lorenzo and Saturday with Brookie Little!

Babestation – Babestation X with proper Babestation girls!

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What a night on Babestation X with Brookie Little!

Brookie Little was really on form last night I think you’ll agree guys?

Watching her rock back and forth like she was being fucked from behind, with her knickers at her knees and those massive tits swinging beneath her has to be the highlight of the Babestation X weekend for me, I don’t know about you!  Brookie is a firm favourite on Babestation, and now she’s really beginning to make a name for herself on Babestation X you’ll be sure to see much more of her on their live shows.  We have it on very good authority that she’ll be back again very soon indeed!

Brookie on Babestation X last night

Brookie on Babestation X last night

These screen shots show just how much Brookie was getting into her performance on the show, and we hope that she’ll continue to put on performances like this in the future.  There’s no reason she won’t of course, she tells us herself that she “loves” her job and can’t think of anything else she’d rather be doing than getting paid to get your guys off all night long.  She loves chatting to those among you who have very specific fantasies that involve her, and the more you talk to Brookie on the phone, the more turned on she gets!

Please remember that there’s a shit load of Brookie Little content on the Babestation website at the moment, and we’ll be adding even more soon!

Babestation – Bringing you Brookie Little on Babestation X

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The Babestation X Weekend Starts Here!

It’s going to be another Summer Scorcher this weekend boys, and have we got some talent for you!

We begin tonight with the ever filthy Dirty Jada.  She’ll be live on Babestation X at the usual time.  You can watch her on Freeview Channel 174 for £3.00 or you can watch her on the Babestation X website for £1.50.  Either way it’s value for money you just can’t afford to miss.  Jada has been part of the Babestation team for so long we forget when she joined.  We’ll be catching up with her real soon though I hope, so that I can get that ever sort after interview with her.  We’ll find out a little more about he legend that is Dirty Jada, mark my words!

Live Babestation X show with Dirty Jada

Jada in the shower

And then on Saturday of course, we have an event you’re not going to want to miss.  She was very popular last time on Babestation X and she’s likely to be just as popular (if not more) this time around.  Her first appearance on Babestation X was on her birthday in May, but she’s been loving it ever since that time and she’s back – It’s Brookie Little of course.  Her not so little tits will be swinging and banging their way all over your screens on Saturday night!  The same prices apply as I just mentioned.  A great value live show where Brookie can go a little further than she usually would…  Can’t wait!

Live Babestation X show with Brookie Little

Live Babestation X show with Brookie Little

Babestation – Bringing you the big names for a “little” price!

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Babestation fantasy shower girls!

The weather is soooooooooooo hot!  So we thought we’d give you a little something to help you cool off and relax in this heat…

We’ve collected a couple of your favourite Babestation girls in the shower from our website member’s area.  These girls not only know how to make you hot and bothered, they’re also very good at cooling off in the shower!


Savannah - Babestation

Imagine taking Savannah from behind in the shower!

Could you imagine for one moment getting behind Savannah in the shower on a hot day.  This picture will be perfect for helping you create that image.  The water hasn’t been turned on yet, but imagine pulling those little bikini bottoms down like this and having your wicked way with her from behind, whilst grabbing hold of those lovely big tits!  Then you could turn the water on and add to the whole sensation…

Brookie Little

Brookie Little

And let’s not forget about this little water baby!  The fabulous Brookie Little!  The only thing missing from this picture is of course you sucking on those big wet nipples; I suppose a bar of soap would be a good idea too!  A nice soapy tit fuck with Brookie would be an opportunity most people would give their right arm for!

Babestation - Jada in the shower

Babestation – Jada in the shower

And finally, what about Jada in the shower!  WOW!  This picture says it all doesn’t it?  Getting her in there in her t-shirt and knickers, making her soaking wet, tugging at those wet panties as you struggle to get them down before taking her roughly from behind?  It’s making me as stiff as a double whiskey after a bad day!

Babestation – Facilitating your fantasies!

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Live Babestation X Show tonight with Lily Pink and Brookie Little

Ever since she celebrated her birthday on the Babestation X show, Brookie has been loving the attention she gets on there.  That’s why she’s doing a show tonight with none other than Lily Pink!

Can you imagine how good it’s going to be to see all those Babestation big tits flopping around on screen?  It makes me wonder how we’re actually going to get them all on screen at the same time – time for the wide angle lens I think boys!  Lily and Brookie have had a lot of attention regarding their beautiful natural tits so far, and tonight is going to cement their reputation as being the next generation of busty Babestation girls to hit the big time!

Brookie Little

Brookie Little

If you’re interested in the show tonight make sure you’re tuned in the Babestation X.  It’s going to cost you £3.00 if you want to watch the show on the TV channel (Freeview 174), but if you watch it on the Babestation X website you can get it for £1.50.  I know you like the comfort of your armchair, but tits are tits after all, so if you want a cheap show watch it on your laptop or PC.  £1.50 for a live show with these big tit Babestation beauties?  That’s value for money!


Lily Pink big tits

Lily Pink big tits

Babestation – Bringing you the best in dirty Babestation girls

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Still a great chance to save money on two live shows with Babestation X

There’s still time people!  If you sign up for Babestation X two day trial today you can get Brookie Little’s show tonight and the fantastic lesbian porn show tomorrow featuring Karlie Simon and Victoria Summers…

All you need to do is go along to the Babestation X website and sign up for the two day trial – it’s only £1.50!  That’s two live shows for £1.50!

If you’re already a member you get them for free anyway of course, but there’s even news for you too.  If you like to watch Babestation X on the TV then as a member you can go along to the website and get your TV PIN codes for the live shows, absolutely free!

Victoria Summers

Victoria Summers

So, back to Friday Night!

It’s Karlie Simon and Victoria Summers.  These two have a history of making good porn so you’d be a fool to miss it.  Having two bi-sexual babes like this on Babestation X is going to make for some good viewing – no simulated sex here guys – this is the real deal.  It all kicks off tomorrow night and it’s the introduction to a great weekend of hardcore lesbian porn, including Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Delilah Dash and Kartel.  If you can’t get off this weekend, with all this Babestation X talent, then we suggest a visit to the doctor’s on Monday morning!

Babestation X – Bringing you live lesbian porn all weekend!


Brookie is bound for Babestation X – 16th May!

We recently interviewed Brookie for her new profile and she couldn’t help telling us how excited she was about her birthday next week… She’s going on Babestation X!

Some of you may already have heard of course, but the gorgeous Brookie Little from our humble night time show will be making a break onto Babestation X for her very first time on her birthday- Thursday 16th May!

Brookie Little

Brookie Little – Babestation X 16th May!

Talk to Brookie about her upcoming show by following her on Twitter.  We know she’s excited about it and she can’t wait to do what she’s not allowed to do on our show!  Not sure our producers will be paying much attention to what they’re doing next Thursday, simply because they’ll be tuned into Babestation X for the evening!

So if you want to take on this naturally submissive Babestation hottie with lovely big natural tits, don’t forget to tune into Babestation X next Thursday 16th May.  And remember, you can now get Babestation X for £1.50 a night.

Get even more value for money with Babestation X

It might also be a good time to go on the Babestation X 2 day trial membership for £1.50.  This way if you sign up on Wednesday 15th you’ll get access to the Sexstation Unleashed live porn show with Lucia Love and Dean Van Damme, and get access to Brookie Little on Thursday too!  Think about it, it’s got to be worth it!

Lucia Love

Lucia Love and Dean Van Damme – Wednesday 15th May

Bargain Babestation X

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