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Saturday Night on Babestation X 20th April

Hope you enjoy yourself tonight on the Babestation X live porn show, we know that Samantha Bentley and Ava Dalush will!

It doesn’t stop for a breather this porn business though, it’s off again on Saturday, where you’ll find another couple of babes ready to get it on just for you (and themselves of course; one thing our girls love is fucking each other!)  Saturday on Freeview Channel 174 or the Babestation X website you’ll find Ella Pearl and Karlie Simon!


Karlie Simon

These two are legends in the live sex show business, usually seen flaunting their talents on SexstationTV on a daily basis.  Well on Saturday that progresses to much more.  Now BabestationX has got hold of them, who knows what the two of them will get up to.  They do spend a lot of time together in the studios you know!  One thing you will be guaranteed on a sex show like this, with these two in particular, is that they will almost certainly show you what’s between their legs and get stuck in!  Make no mistake about it!  That’s got to put a smile on anyone’s face!



So after a weekend like this I’d be surprised if you could make it to work on Monday morning to be honest!  Let us know what you like about the Babestation X weekend, and tell us who you’d like to see next.  We aim to please and our girls love to tease, as the saying goes.

Babestation X – Putting the X in Saturday nights

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Babestation X Weekend Friday 19th April

It’s another scorcher on Babestation X fellas…

As you may have noticed, the weather is warming up, and what better way to celebrate that than with a good old fashioned dose of very hot Babestation X porn on your Friday night?  This Friday on Freeview Channel 174 or BabestationX website we have Ava Dalush and Samantha Bentley!

These two are renowned for putting on a good show, and we know damn well they intend to do so on Friday night.  Samantha Bentley is an AVN winner, as you’re probably all aware of, and we’re very lucky to have her playing with Ava all night long.  Personally I don’t know where they find the stamina for these live porn shows.  It isn’t as if they do it just once is it?  They’re at it all night long.  We’ll have to find out what kind of vitamins they’re on so that we can wank off all night long too.  I only wish I had half as much energy because I can only usually keep it up for the first part!


Samantha Bentley

Ava Dalush has been doing quite a bit with us at the Babestation studios lately and we’re glad she’s having such a good time.  I suppose she’s bound to be happy about doing live BabestationX porn with girls like Samantha Bentley really; who wouldn’t be?  I’d give my left arm to have a go on either of them to be honest (note that I said my left arm!)


Ava Dalush – porn star

Just for a quick show of hands here, who loves Ava’s cute little “landing strip” pussy decoration there?  Comments in the box as always boys!

There’s a sneaky peak video available over on The Daily Motion too if you fancy a tease?

Remember that Babestation X is an all night show boys, and you’ll get to see a lot of these two between other great pre-recorded shows and popular BabestationX series.  I don’t need to say much more to convince you to keep it with BabestationX this weekend really do I.  There’s even more great stuff to come on Saturday and we’ll tell you more about this tomorrow.

Babestation X – Keeping you hard all weekend!

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Victoria Summers and Lou Lou Petite – Saturday on Babestation X

Lou Lou Petite and Victoria Summers are always excited about doing live porn shows, so we thought we’d put them on Saturday’s Babestation X…

Remember where to go to begin with guys.  I’ll put it in bold in case you’re reading it a little pissed up!  Freeview Channel 174 or live on the Babestation X website.  There you go!

You see, Summer is literally on the way!  On the way to the studios of course.  When we spoke to Victoria Summers about her upcoming Babestation X live porn show with Lou Lou Petite she was more than a little enthusiastic:

I’m getting wet in the knickers simply thinking about it, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Lou Lou’s tits and my mouth around that sweet little pussy.  There’s so much we can do, I doubt that the time we have will be long enough.  Probably have to take it back to my place when we’re off air!


Veronica Summers – porn show on BabestationX

It sounds like Victoria has some serious plans for Lou Lou.  Of course Lou Lou Petite is no stranger to hardcore porn shows, she’s only too familiar with them.  She loves shooting with us at BabestationX because we always get the right guys and girls apparently.  Well we seem to be getting something right at Babestation, and BabestationX; and as long as you guys keep tuning in to watch there are no limits to the things we can do now!

Do you remember Lou Lou Petite from Babestation Academy?  Well, hasn’t she come a long way since then?  Full on live porn shows on Babestation X is the way she wanted to go, and we’re glad that she did!  I think we’ll be seeing much, much more of Lou Lou in the future (if indeed that is possible!)


Lou Lou Petite – porn show BabestationX

So keep it on Babestation X this weekend and you won’t be disappointed!

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Friday 12th April on BabestationX

Friday looks as though it’s shaping up to be quite an exciting show all round.  If I could only get my hands on these two I’d be a very happy man…

Lacey Lorenzo and Aneesha (formerly of Masti Chat) are going to be spending the night together on the BabestationX live show, and you could be part of it.  You should all know the details by now – get interactive with the girls on Freeview channel 174 or visit them live on the BabestationX website.  It’s going to be one of those nights where anything can happen; pretty much like any night on the extreme show then!


Lacey Lorenzo – BabestationX

Lacey Lorenzo is one of those girls who entered the adult industry with a bang, and continues to bang her way through it unforgivingly chewing up and spitting out her counterparts as she goes.  Let’s see what she can do with Aneesha on Friday.  Aneesha has taken enough of your calls on Masti Chat to know what sort of things turn you on, and she has a body that can be used to manipulate people in to do pretty much anything she wants.  Wouldn’t you do anything for a piece of this?  I know I would.


Aneesha – live porn show

So it’s something a little different on Friday’s BabestationX, and it’s something exotic and exciting.  When you get two babes of this class coming together (no pun intended there), then there simply has to be fireworks.  This is what online live porn shows are all about guys, and this is why you need to keep it with BabestationX.

BabestationX – Bringing you live porn to keep you up all night!

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