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Babestation’s Beth has a lovely voice! Have a listen…

We like to give you a little bit of everything on this blog, and today we have something very special for you…

You probably read the post the other day about our New Zealand lovely Beth, but here’s a little something extra.  After I interviewed her, I couldn’t stop thinking about how nice her voice was.  It haunted me all the way home on the train so I decided to share a little of it with you.  I record the Babestation girls you see, and then transcribe the interviews later on.

Babestation's Beth

Beth in the Green Room at BabestationTV

Here’s Beth telling me a little about the type of callers she loves to speak to and also about the kind of men she tends to go for in her personal life.  This is one hell of a woman guys.

Click the link and have a listen

Beth from Babestation talking about men!

Doesn’t she have a lovely voice?  If you haven’t called her up on the phone yet, just wait until you hear her talking dirty to you!  Now that’s worth doing!

Babestation – Bringing you behind the scenes extras!


Babestation fantasy shower girls!

The weather is soooooooooooo hot!  So we thought we’d give you a little something to help you cool off and relax in this heat…

We’ve collected a couple of your favourite Babestation girls in the shower from our website member’s area.  These girls not only know how to make you hot and bothered, they’re also very good at cooling off in the shower!


Savannah - Babestation

Imagine taking Savannah from behind in the shower!

Could you imagine for one moment getting behind Savannah in the shower on a hot day.  This picture will be perfect for helping you create that image.  The water hasn’t been turned on yet, but imagine pulling those little bikini bottoms down like this and having your wicked way with her from behind, whilst grabbing hold of those lovely big tits!  Then you could turn the water on and add to the whole sensation…

Brookie Little

Brookie Little

And let’s not forget about this little water baby!  The fabulous Brookie Little!  The only thing missing from this picture is of course you sucking on those big wet nipples; I suppose a bar of soap would be a good idea too!  A nice soapy tit fuck with Brookie would be an opportunity most people would give their right arm for!

Babestation - Jada in the shower

Babestation – Jada in the shower

And finally, what about Jada in the shower!  WOW!  This picture says it all doesn’t it?  Getting her in there in her t-shirt and knickers, making her soaking wet, tugging at those wet panties as you struggle to get them down before taking her roughly from behind?  It’s making me as stiff as a double whiskey after a bad day!

Babestation – Facilitating your fantasies!

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Babestation’s New Zealand babe Beth

I had the pleasure of chatting with Babestation’s Beth the other night, and it revealed to me just how wonderful some of these girls really are…

Beth is from New Zealand, but she’s been over here for over a year now and she’s getting pretty comfortable on Babestation.  Before she decided to go travelling she studied at University in New Zealand, gaining a BA in Theatre and Media and a BCom in Marketing Management.  This one has brains as well as beauty guys!

Beth is staying in London, but because she’s always working and hasn’t been here too long, she’s actually still enjoying sightseeing among other pursuits.  She confesses to enjoy the whole “London thing” on the open top buses etc.  She loves to travel, but has a particular fondness for London; we’re hoping this may keep her here for some time!

Babestation's Beth

Beth in the Green Room at BabestationTV

Apparently there’s nothing like Babestation in New Zealand, and even if there was there would be no way anyone would go on it because according to Beth the country is so small that her “Uncle would be watching it; it would be hell”.  However, she did manage to do a little dancing in clubs over there whilst she was at University, where it was just as likely for a member of her family to walk in apparently.

Babestation's Beth

Babestation’s Beth

Her previous dancing experience can go some way to explaining her moves on screen, but having met Beth (only briefly) it becomes impossible to explain her natural charisma; I suppose this is something you’ll have to tap into when you call her on the phone.  With a smile like this and a body to match, this 32 DD Babestation stunner looks as though she could quite easily fit as a permanent fixture at the studio, and she’s certainly got the personality to match the looks.

Babestation – Telling you more about your favourite girls!

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Babestation’s Keeley Magee!

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Keeley Magee the other night at the studio whilst she was getting ready.  This former UK porn star has a number of interesting features; not least important among them being her arse!

Keeley Magee on the bed

Keeley Magee on the bed

Keeley is a biker chick guys, although she’s not the type that associates too much with the choppers and/or Harleys etc.  She isn’t a Sons of Anarchy “old lady” type, she’s actually into motocross!  Keeley is such a big fan motocross fan that she rides too, and she’s actually got a bike in her living room!  She tells me that she’s also had occasion to get a little bit kinky around it with her lovers.  Can you lot imagine bending this gorgeous Babestation piece of ass over a motocross bike?

Keeley Magee getting ready for the show

Keeley Magee getting ready for the show

I clicked off a few behind the scenes pictures on my phone whilst I was there.  Keeley is a good sport and didn’t mind me standing behind her, perving whilst she put her make-up on.  According to Keeley, her best feature is her arse; I wouldn’t argue with that having stood behind her for while that’s for sure!

Keeley Magee - Babestation

Cheeky shot of Keeley’s ass in the mirror

You’ll be able to see a lot more of Keeley real soon on Babestation; she’s planning on a lot more night shows in the near future and has no intention of slowing down.  Must be the budding motocross champion in her!

Babestation – Taking you behind the scenes!

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The Babestation Green Room

You’re always interested in what goes on at the Babestation Studio I’m sure.  Well I was in their last night…

I was meeting and greeting the girls etc (as you do when you have a job as privileged as me), and I thought I’d try out my new iPhone 5 and take a few shots.  They’re a bit amateur, but then that’s what they pay people like Mark Cremona for isn’t it?  I don’t profess to be a photographer, but it’s nice to snap off a few tits and arse pics here and there…

Messy Babestation girls!

Messy Babestation girls!


Messy Babestation girls!

Messy Babestation girls!

As you can see, those naughty Babestation girls aren’t the tidiest of creatures!  Their green room looks as though someone has literally picked it up, shook it, and then replaced it.  Mind you, just imagine for a moment if you will, how hard it must be to have all those girls getting ready in one room!  You’d think it a nightmare right?  Well, you’d actually be quite wrong in some ways.  The girls are very disciplined and never seem to get in each other’s way at all (well, not when I’ve been there anyway).  And despite the toxic cloud of hairspray and fake tan, it’s actually quite a comfortable place to sit and work; enhanced of course by underwear and high heels being strewn all over the place, and the occasional naked girl walking through to change her stockings!

Babestation Keeley Magee

Keeley Magee

I managed to snap a few pics of the lovely Keeley Magee last night too, as you can see here in the picture I managed to get her when she’d had her second outfit change; this time sporting a lovely schoolgirl uniform!  They’ll be a little more on Keely Magee next week when I’ll show you a couple more pictures and give you a little more background info on this former UK porn star turned babe channel host!

You can follow Keeley on Twitter too!

Babestation – Keeping you informed!

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One of Babestation’s finest – Tiffany Chambers

Most of you know Tiffany, and some of you on a more “personal” level than others, so we thought it only fair to declare this Babestation All Star “Babe of the Week”…

We know it’s not much of an award, and we’re sorry we haven’t done it for a while, but Tiffany is thoroughly deserving of it.  This is the big boobed Babestation beauty that won best Night Babe of 2012 of course; no surprise there!

Tiffany Chambers - Babestation

Tiffany Chambers – Babestation


Tiffany is also scheduled to appear tonight on the show tonight around 10ish if you’re around, so why not get on the phones and tell her how much she deserves our weekly award!  It’s pictures like this that do it for me personally you know.  Just look at how this cheeky Babestation beauty hides herself but shows just as much as you need to get you through the rest of your day.

Don’t forget that you can see all of Tiffany’s pictures and videos in stunning HD on the Babestation website right now, and that you can get access to it all for just £1.50!  This is a Babestation bargain that you simply can’t afford to miss; especially Tiffany for fuck sake!

So we’ll leave you with this image and hope that you’ll tune in later tonight to see Tiffany in action.

Babestation – Tiffany Chambers – Babes of the Week!

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Keith Lemon goes to Babestation!

Keith Lemon is like Marmite, you either love him or fucking hate him… Well this is what happened when he decided to drop in on BabestationTV for the day…

Not sure who the poorly shaved bloke is to be honest, perhaps you lot can enlighten me; I do need to brush up on my popular culture!

He was great fun to have around to be honest, and seeing him do the Babestation “bum shake” was pretty funny we have to admit!  Leave us a comment and tell us who else you’d like to see appearing at the studios, we do love a celebrity; so hopefully we’ll get one soon!  Sorry Keith!

Babestation – Entertaining the celebs!



Dirty Jada on Babestation X Saturday 15th June!

We’re so happy that Jada has been with us so long!  She’s such a Babestation All-Star we doubt she’ll ever stop doing what she does best!

And tonight of course she’ll be appearing on Babestation X for a live, and very dirty show.  They don’t call her “Dirty” Jada for nothing you know.  Not if this picture is anything to go by; just look into her eyes and you can tell how filthy she is.

Jada on Babestation X tonight

Dirty Jada from Babestation

You can also follow Jada on Twitter if you’d like to chat with her prior to her show; she’d love to hear from you I’m sure.  All our girls like to get ideas about clothes and shows etc from their fans, and we know there are a lot of Jada fans out there!
Talking about Jada and the amount of time she’s been with us here at Babestation TV, you might be interested in looking at the member’s area of the website to see just how much content we’ve got of Jada.

Remember that you can see all this content, and watch the live show tonight if you sign up for a trial membership for £1.50!  That’s got to be good right?  The ultimate Jada package!

Babestation – Home of Jada!


Hannah C in the bathroom!

If you’re a fan of Hannah C then you’re likely to want to see this update…

As you all know, Hannah is one of our Babestation Daytime princesses and a top UK glamour model.  Her appearances in this and that are far too numerous to mention in a mere blog of this proportion, so suffice to say she’s been everywhere (and I don’t mean like that either; she’s a good clean girl!)

Hannah C

Hannah C showing off on the loo!

This is a picture from a photo shoot we put on site in March, and it’s already had a lot of attention from our loyal Babestation members.  If you’re a member and you haven’t seen it yet, to be honest you must be mad or just plain stupid.  If you’re not a member then you too are mad or just plain stupid.  We don’t mean to insult you, but if you can get a two day trial membership with Babestation for just £1.50 and you don’t take us up on the offer, you really must be right?

Your £1.50 will get you two days access to all the website content, including Hannah C’s shoot, and also two days access to the Babestation X live show!  What more could you want?  If you join on a day when there’s a Sexstation show on, then you get that too.  Just go and check it out and see what you think.

Babestation – The two day trial offer!

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Jennifer Jade has a stroke!

No, don’t worry, not the kind that requires an ambulance; we’re talking about the kind that provokes a stiffy in your pants…

There is a movie in the Babestation Member’s area right now of this gorgeous piece of ass, touching herself up.  To be perfectly honest, it wouldn’t matter to me (and many of you lot I’m sure) whether she was touching herself up or not.  Just the fact that she’s sitting down in a chair wearing stockings and suspenders, looking all terrifically fuckable is enough!

Jennifer Jade movie

Jennifer Jade movie

Watching Jennifer Jade’s eyes catch the camera in this movie as it zooms around her and captures her every curve, is enough to make you cum in your pants alone; never mind those beautifully constructed boobs, the fine eclipse of those hips, and those sensual lips that simply force you to kiss your monitor!

If you’re into Jennifer Jade then you’re going to love this video.  If you’re not particularly into Jennifer Jade then do us all a favour, take yourself outside to the shed, get two pieces of wood and slam your balls between them because you must be fucking crazy!

You can follow Jennifer Jade on Twitter if you want to keep track of what she’s up to.

There’s a load of Jennifer Jade content on the Babestation website right now!


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