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The weekend on BSX – Friday 5th April

This weekend on Babestation X you’ve got it good…

There is a plethora of naked talent awaiting you on Freeview channel 174 and the Babestation X website tonight.  To begin with we have the fabulous Ava Dalush and the smoking hot Canadian porn star Veronica Vice.  This is going to be a full on hardcore sex show and you’ll be able to interact too if you tune in and press the red button.

Babestation Extreme

Ava Dalush and Veronica Vice tonight

Veronica Vice is really looking forward to getting her hands on some Ava Dalush pussy.  We’ve been told that she’s getting all wet in the panties as I write this, just thinking about it.  Who can blame her for Christ’s sake!?  Anyone with genitals would be happy to see these two going hard at it with each other.

Babestation Extreme

Veronica Vice on Babestation X tonight

So keep it on Babestation Extreme tonight for the beginning of yet another fabulous weekend of hardcore fucking!

Tell us who else you’d like to see on the Babestation X shows?  Comments in the usual place please!

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Sunday Night March 17th on Babestation X

This Sunday Babestation brings you a very filthy babe indeed…

Kartel is getting down and interactive with you guys on Babestation Extreme – Freeview 174 (press Red), or you can watch her live on the Babestation X website.



Babestation X Freeview 174

Let us know what you think to this stunner!

Babestation X Weekend!

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Monday night with Beth on BSX!

Have a night in with the lovely Beth on Babestation X!

She’s ready for some action and she wants you to get all interactive with her.  Call or text her on Freeview 174 (press red button) or watch her live on Babestation X website.

Live solo sex show

Beth live on BSX Monday night

She’ll be waiting for you.

Monday 11th March Babestation X

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Sunday Night 10th Babestation X

The weekend is nearly over guys, but let’s allow it to go out with a bang shall we?

Sunday promises to be a wonderful conclusion to another great weekend on Babestation X.  The show features none other than the wonderful Xena Wilkes!

Sexy blonde Xena Wilkes from Babestation X showing her amazing tits

Xena Wilkes on Babestation X Sunday 10th March

Goodness only knows what this filthy little Babestation X star will get up to.  Find out by going to Freeview channel 174 (press red) or watch her live on the Babestation X website on Sunday 10th March!

Babestation Extreme – Filthy little fuckers doing allsorts!

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Saturday 9th March on Babestation X!

The BSX weekend continues with one of our all stars! …

You’re not going to want to miss this one.  Check out the video clip!


Dionne Mendez and Lou Lou Petite are planning to go hard at it on Saturday night – nothing will be held back with these two.

Porn show

Babestation X Saturday 9th March

It promises to be one of the best Babestation X lesbian sex shows yet, and I for one am trying my level best to get a front row seat!  Wonder if the boss will get me in there instead of sitting here writing about it?

lesbian sex show

Babestation X Saturday!

Lou Lou Petite really won’t know what the fuck has hit her when Dionne breaks out the dildos we’re sure.


Babestation X – Getting naughtier by the day!

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Babestation X Friday night 8th March

Babestation X starts you off for a weekend of filth this  Friday…

It all kicks off with Chloe Lovette and Lexi Lou, live on Freeview 174 (press red button) or live on the Babestation X website.

You can see a cheeky little promo for the show over on The Daily Motion right now.

Here’s a lovely picture of Lexi Lou!

porn show

Babestation X this Friday

And here’s a pic of Chloe Lovette, pictured here with Bonnie Rose.  Imagine what she’s going to do to Lexi!


Babestation Extreme weekend starts here

It’s well worth a watch guys!

Check we’ll be blogging about the rest of the weekend real soon!

Babestation X – where our girls can really let themselves go!

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Nikki Lord and Jesse Jo – Cougar filth on Babestation Extreme

This Friday sees a battle of the cougars!  It’s going to be one hell of a night with two of the most experienced dirty wives you’re ever likely to see on your screen…

You know what to do.  You can watch them live on Freeview 174 (press the Red button) or you can watch live on BSX.TV

Cougar porn

Babestation Extreme Friday 22nd February

Babestation Extreme

Nikki Lord

Remember that the shows are 100% interactive.  You can call the cougars, or text them; just make sure you’re there to get involved!  It’s going to be something else.

You can follow Jessie Jo on Twitter

You can follow Nikki Lord on Twitter

Babestation Extreme

Jessie Jo

Both girls offer you a surprising number of free pictures to play with, and they’re lots of fun to interact with.  So go and tell them what you’re hoping for on Friday’s show!

Babestation Extreme – Where Babestation pushes the boundaries!

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Dionne Mendez and Jada on Babestation Extreme tonight!

It’s another night in for the boys!  Dionne and Jada are on your BSX screen tonight – Freeview 174

Or of course you can go to the Babestation Extreme website

Hot Babestation Extreme show

Dionne and Jada on Babestation tonight!

Here’s a little video for you on The Daily Motion!  It’s always good to see Dionne, and it’s an extra special treat to have Jada on the same night!  I know what I’ll be doing this evening.


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Tonight on Babestation Extreme!

You know what to do don’t you?  Press Red!

Lacey Lorenzon and Stevie on BSX tonight!

Lacey Lorenzon and Stevie on BSX tonight!

Lacey Lorenzo is fast becoming a very popular girl on the show and she’s decided to do yet another Babestation Extreme special tonight!

Check it out on Freeview 174 or the BSX website


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The Legend Returns – Dionne Mendez

You have heard the rumours… You have seen the blogs… You have read the forums… Now it’s time to officially announce that the legend Dionne Mendez is returning to Babestation on Sunday 11th November.  Xclusive to Babestation X…

She’s been elsewhere doing TV work and goodness knows what else, but now Dionne Mendez is back where she belongs, and she’s filthier than ever!  Can you remember her from Babestation of old?
Free Dionne Mendez pics
It’s all on Sunday guys.  Go to Freeview channel 174 and press red to see pink! Or go to www.bsx.tv
Tell us who else you’d like to see on Babestation or Babestation X