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Our daytime lovely Jasmine!

Where else on earth do girls look this good at 5.35am?

If you have a girl who looks this good at this time in the morning, do yourself a big favour and stay away from Babestation because you don’t need us!  Simply give her a nudge first thing and give her one from me…

Babestation Jasmine

Jasmine first thing in the morning!

This one is of course Babestation Daytime’s Jasmine, looking all bright and chirpy, and right in the middle of a call.  We asked Jasmine what it feels like to be chatting on the phone to complete strangers at 5.30 in the morning, and this is what she told us:

It’s great!  What else would a girl like me want to do at this time in the morning other than stay in bed and go to sleep?  [she laughs].  Seriously, I love it in the morning because you get all the guys who’ve been working nights and they’ve just come off shift, the poor devils, and of course you get all those morning glory fellas who feel like they need to “unload” all their problems before they go to work!…  I’m happy to chat to the guys, but some of them really need to remember it’s “Daytime!” and they’re a little late for that sort of chat.  All in all it’s great first thing in the morning.  It’s quiet when I arrive at the studio, the callers are great, and I leave when there’s still plenty to do with the day!

We’re sure those guys don’t have to talk too dirty to you Jasmine, and the mere fact that they can hear your voice and look at you in a tiny black dress at 5.30 in the morning is enough to satiate their needs!

Jasmine Babestation


Of course, if you want any more Jasmine content then you can simply become a member of the Babestation website where you’ll find plenty to go at, including videos and whole picture sets!

Babestation – Night and Day, we’re the number one Babeshow…

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Babestation Daytime Dream Team

Tammy Taylor and Charlie C are very naughty girls, in more ways than one. When I was writing about my visit to the studio the other day they were no more than a few feet away from me, laying on the bed with the phones in their hands, talking to you guys about everything from cars to underwear…

I have it on very good authority from the producer on shift at the time that when these two get together they are quite the recipe for trouble. They were teasing the poor guy something awful about a girl he’s interested in.  It was quite literally like a playground scene with the two of them teasing and chanting at him from either bed; quite a bizarre scene really!  He tells me it’s often like this when the “old school” girls are on shift together.

Tammy Taylor - Stockings

Tammy Taylor in Stockings

It’s all good fun however and the atmosphere is fantastic when you’re simply sitting there listening to what’s going on.  These two girls could quite easily host a comedy hour on the show if they put their heads, and their tits, together!  On Babestation you certainly get a firm sense of community within the ranks of girls, and indeed with the production team; it can’t be easy for these fully clothed guys to walk around the studio all day looking at Charlie C and Tammy Taylor laying on a bed with their tits half hanging out can it?

Babestation – Creating the Daytime Dream-Team


Babestation Daytime with Charlie C

This humble blogger gets to meet the wonderful Charlie C for a nice chat during her daytime show…

Firstly, let me remind you that tonight’s live show on Babestation X features Victoria Summers and Karlie Simon (full hardcore lesbian sex show).

On my visit to the studios the other day I was pleased to see Charlie C, one of the biggest Babestation girls (in more ways than one). She was wearing a wonderful latex outfit that left very little to the imagination. This is of course because her massive tits were hanging out of her top! In fact whenever you see her on the show her tits are barely concealed.

She was happy to speak with me, although a little concerned that it would interfere with her lunch. You can’t blame the poor girl of course, she works real hard on Babestation and Babestationcams, and she needed time to eat, AND do an outfit change in a limited time. We work them like pack horses at the studio you know.

Charlie C big tits

Charlie C chats with Babestation Blogger

Charlie was telling me a little about her tiny little feet. Apparently they’re something to behold, and you lot out there have a very particular fondness for them. Well, let’s call it what it is… a foot fetish! Personally I don’t understand foot fetish, I’m more of a tit man myself, but I’m sure you lot could explain it quite well. If you’d like to leave a comment for Charlie C, she does read this blog and loves to see what you all think of her.

Or alternatively you could follow her on Twitter and find out what she’s up to day by day, see her personal pictures and learn when she’s going to perform and on which show.

Keep it on Babestation. Day or night we’ve got the goods and we’re happy to share them with you

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Jessika Jinx Trial tonight on Babestation

There is another promotion on the cards here at Babestation fellas.  The very lovely Jessika Jinx, formerly of Babestation Daytime is trialling on nights TONIGHT!

So if you’ve ever seen this babe and/or chatted with her on the phone and wondered what it would be like to get a little more dirty with her now’s your chance.

“She’s a seductress waiting to let loose”

Babestation Jessika

Imagine asking her to get those lovely titties out boys!  We’ve all been looking forward to having her on nights ever since she joined the Daytime team ages ago.  Some girls are just destined for the night time show and we think she’ll do just fine.

If you’ve ever had the privilege of speaking to her on the phones you’ll know that she is a seductress just waiting to let loose.  It’s as frustrating as fuck chatting to the Daytime girls when all you want is them to talk filthy and get their tits out!

Free Babestation pic

We managed to catch up with Jessica Jinx at the studio earlier doing her warm ups!  She told us:

I can’t wait to get really filthy on the phone, it’s something I know I’m good at because I already do it on occasion.  I can handle the late nights, I’m only young, and I’m looking forward to working with a really good production team.

Well if that isn’t going to secure her a permanent place on Babestation nights then I don’t know what will.  Oh yes, I know what else will do it… calls, and lots of them.  So there you go guys, get supporting Jessika Jinx tonight on her début Babestation nights appearance.

You can also follow her on Twitter

Over to you

Are there any other Daytime girls you’d like us to work on?  We’re sure there are a few that are considering the night show, we just need to tutor them in the ways of righteousness!

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Stunning New Babestation Daytime Babe: Caitlin!

Caitlin - Sexy new babe from Babestation Daytime!

You’re looking at a picture from the newest babe to join us here at Babestation! Caitlin has been working on Babestation Daytime for a couple of weeks now, and we think she’s one of the most stunning girls we’ve signed up in recent history!

In this first, very sexy shoot, Caitlin dresses up in a tight latex dress, which hugs her amazing curves! It also has no back to it, so it shows off her sexy bum too!

We’ve put up some more photos from this shoot in our portfolio, so you can go here to see them. Otherwise, you’ll have to go to the official Babestation website to see the full shoot, and other pictures and videos from all the sexy girls at Babestation!

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Gracie & Tammy Get Close!

Gracie and Tammy Taylor get up close and personal at Babestation

One of the hottest shoots we’ve had recently has to be this one, featuring Gracie and Tammy Taylor! These Babestation Daytime babes looked like they really enjoyed this one, and Grace just couldn’t wait to get her hands all over Tammy!

We’ve put a few pics up for this set on the portfolio, and let’s face it, you’d be silly not to check them out! Go here to see them.

To see the full shoot of Gracie and Tammy Taylor, go to the Babestation site!

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Gracie in Sexy Lingerie

Gracie shows off her amazing bum at Babestation

If there was a Best Babestation Bottom competition, I’m pretty sure Grace would be up there near the top of the tree! What a cracking peach she has following her around all day! It looks even better when Grace is wearing some very small, almost non-existent underwear, like in this new shoot!

We’ve put some sample pictures up on the potfolio, so why don’t you go over there to check them out! Visit the portfolio page.

We’ve got quite a bit of red hot content of Gracie now on the Babestation site, so if you’re a fan of her, or any of the Babestation Daytime girls, it’s the only site you need to visit! Go there now.


Gracie in Topless Shoot!

Grace looks immense in her first topless shoot with Babestation

Right now, in the official Babestation site you can find some brand new pictures of Grace, in her most revealing shoot with us since joining us!

You would’ve seen Grace on Babestation Daytime, but you would never have seen her showing off as much she does in these pictures!

To get a taster of the photo shoot, go to see some pics of her in our portfolio section! If that’s just not good enough, get yourself over to the website to see the full shoot!

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Charlie C’s tiny pink undies!

Charlie C showing off the amazing body at Babestation

One of the most amazing body’s at Babestation is back in some new pictures today, just been uploaded to the official Babestation site!

This is Charlie C, and you can catch her mainly on the Babestation Daytime show, but is also well known for her very sexy stints on the far more revealing night time shows!

We have tonnes of pics and vids of Charlie C on the Babestation site, featuring some recent content of Charlie full nude! Pics that can be missed, all in one place on the website!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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Charlie C’s epic body!

Charlie C in a very sexy leggy shoot with Babestation

This very hot shoot with Charlie C showcases exactly how much of an epic body this girls has! She has the curves in all the right places, and some cracking pins, as you can see from the free pic at the bottom of this post!

If you’re a fan of Charlie C, you’ll love it inside the members area at Babestation.tv, where we have 100s of pics and 10s of minutes of video of Charlie being naughty on camera! Go there now.

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

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