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Academy this week folks! 19th June

It’s another training day in the studio on Wednesday and we expect your full support…

Don’t forget you can call the recruits, including Keeey and  Maddy,

from 4-6pm on the website for just 36p a min!  This is a very cheap price to pay for some of the most excellent up and coming Babestation girls.  Remember that these girls aren’t daytime girls, they’re on the web, so they can get dirty with you too.  They could be the next generation of babes satisfying your every need on the night shows!

On the Academy show Wednesday night we have the fabulous Rebecca Crow, Delilah Dash and Jessie Jenkins!  These three are sure to finish your Wednesday off nicely.

Babestation Academy

Babestation Academy

So why not have a look at the babes on offer between 4-6pm, have a quick one off the wrist, and then come back later on to see the Academy girls on the night show when you’ve had a chance to recuperate.  We’ll call it wank Wednesday if you like!

Wank Wednesday on Babestation Academy!

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Latex Clad Kimberley…

Fuck me backwards on a pogo stick!  Wait until you see our Babestation Academy Kimberley dressed up in all this military style latex…

It’s in the members area of Babestation right now, and if you’re a fan of Kimberley then you’re going to cream in your pants!  That outfit has latex stockings so long and tight that it’s like a second skin on the lovely Kimberley.  And with that latex top that pushes her lovely big tits forward for all to see, you simply can’t go wrong.

Babestation Academy babe Kimberley

Babestation Academy babe Kimberley

However, it’s when she takes the top off when all the fun starts.  It’s like peeling a fucking banana when you see that zip come down and all that lovely fruit come into view!  Kimberley’s tits are something else, and with that beautiful face, framed by her gorgeous dark hair, she is the ultimate latex babe!

See more of Kimberly onsite now, and don’t forget to keep your eye on Babestation Academy for her next appearance!


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Babestation Academy – Emmy and Honey

Emmy is appearing on Wednesday boys, along with a few favourites and of course the recruits…

Emmy has that girl next door look about her doesn’t she?  But there’s certainly no taking attention away from those lovely big tits!  Emmy is proving to be a very popular Academy babe, so if you’re in the mood for supporting her make sure you tune into Wednesday’s Academy show and tell her just how much you like her!

Honey Babestation Academy

Honey Babestation Academy

Along with Emmy on the show we have Honey and Dani Levy.  It’s going to be another great show. and actually looks as though it’s an Academy big tits special or something with these three headlining!  Don’t forget to tune into the Babestation website between 4-6pm to help us train the recruits!  They’re all in need of a bit of shaping up, and we’re sure you’ll be the guys to do it.  Remember that you’re helping forge their Babestation career!

Emmy from Babestation Academy

Emmy from Babestation Academy

Babestation Academy – Only the best train with us!

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Those Academy Girls are in Training!

It’s Wednesday and the training is off to a good start…

We have the following girls booked in for training, so we hope you be able to join them when you get time later on between 4-6pm.  Remember that it’s a much cheaper rate to call the girls who are in training, but they need as much experience as possible guys!

  • Keeley
  • Rebecca
  • Abbey
  • Souhailia

Hope you’re enjoying the training of these girls as much as they are.  We’ve been told that they’re ever so eager to please and get really popular, but the only way they’re going to achieve this is if you go along to the show and watch them; if you like them, give them a call, it’s not expensive!

Keep your eyes on this talent boys, you never know if they’ll end up on the later live shows.


Kimberley on Babestation Academy tonight

That brings us around neatly top the aforementioned.  Scheduled for tonight, all being well of course, we have Academy favourites Kimberley Jones and the delightful Jessie Jenkins.  You must see these two in action guys, you’re not going to want to miss them.

Babestation Academy – Making sure the next lot are just as good!

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Comments on Babestation Academy

We’d like to address a comment we had a while ago regarding our Academy show.  You guys are very important to us and we like to at least “try” to keep you happy.  It’s easy to just brush these things off and carry on, but we value our regular callers and owe you our time.

Some of you may have been confused why we write things the way we do on the blog.  First and foremost, although we try to keep you up to date with “juicy” info and/or gossip from the show and behind the scenes etc, we’re advertising what’s on, and selling our “brand”.  It’s also not at all always easy to beat what you already know via the forums and other message boards, and actually tell you something you don’t know.  Hell, some of you callers out there know more than we do about our own girls!  What the fuck?  I suppose you talk to them more than we do…

Anyway, back on topic.  When we sometimes put a girl on the Academy show, who hasn’t necessarily “risen through the ranks” it’s not to piss anyone off, or anything like that.  We do this occasionally because one of our girls has perhaps left and wants to come back again, or they need to (for various reasons) do a different shift pattern etc.  We try our very best to place the girls where they should be, and we don’t want to detract from the whole idea of Babestation Academy, but sometimes in order to keep our girls happy and to keep their fans happy, they do end up on Academy.  We’d rather do this than lose them, as I’m sure you’d agree!

It has never been our intention to mislead, so in future we (…well, I) will be more careful when wording the information on the blog, so you don’t get the idea that these girls who have been slotted onto the Babestation Academy show, to accommodate various needs, have worked their way through the ranks and been promoted.

Babestation Academy

Daisy Dash

We take our Babestation Academy very seriously indeed, and we thank you all for your support for these girls.  It’s an excellent place for the Babestation recruits to learn their craft and meet some of you regular callers; and we’re delighted that you are so passionate about their progress.  Babestation Academy is an excellent place for new babes to showcase their talent and build their own “brand”, without the pressure of competing with some of the veterans; this gives them an achievable goal to attain and they’re very happy to do this.  When we feel that these girls are doing well and are indeed “ready” to take on the other slots on Babestation we ‘filter’ them into the main schedule, rather than literally graduate them.  I’m sure you’ve seen this happening with babes like Dani, Kimberly and Paris?

I do hope you all continue to watch Babestation Academy.  Please feel free to post any comments in the box below, and we’re sorry it so long to address this issue; I am very aware that a comment was posted about a week ago.

BabestationTV – Training the next generation of Babe Channel All-Stars!

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Plenty to choose from tonight on Babestation

Tonight on Babestation you’ve got some choices to make, but if you’re good enough you’ll be able to bang a few out…

It’s Academy day again remember, and tonight we’ve got the new girl Honey; and boy oh boy what a honey she is!  You’re going to love her.  Along with Honey we’ve also got some established Babestation Academy favourites: Daisy Dash and Kimberly!

Babestation Academy

Daisy Dash is joined by new girl Honey tonight on Academy

Live Sexstation Unleashed Show

If that’s not hard enough for you, you can always try Sexstation Unleashed at 10pm where you’ll get to see Jasmine Jae getting fucked within an inch of her life by the monster they call Dean Van Damme!  It’s going to be as hardcore as it could possibly be ladies and gents, so go and get your tickets from Sexstation

Live porn show tonight on Sexstation Unleashed

Jasmine Jae getting fucked

I suppose that if you’ve got enough stamina you’ll be able to knock one out over the Academy babes, and save a little something for the live porn show too…

Babestation – Choices, Choices!

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Babestation Academy tonight – May 15th 2013

Babestation Academy has three wonderful specimens for you tonight, so make sure you’re tuned in…

Don’t forget that you can join the recruits from 4-6 on the Babestation Website and get reduced rates on your calls.  These newbies need “bringing up to speed” so to speak, and there’s only one group of guys that can do it – you lot out there!  So we don’t care whether or not you have to sneak off somewhere private at work, or simply take the afternoon off, be there between 4-6 today to give them some support and get yourself off!


Babestation Academy

On tonight’s Academy show we have the lovely Danni Levy, the filthy Carla Mai and the increasingly popular and voluptuous Jessie Jenkins.  These three have risen within the ranks quickly and continue to prove themselves time after time on the show.

We’d appreciate your comments on the Academy show, and in particular any of the newbies you see this afternoon.  You know what to do – comment below.

Babestation Academy – Training the very best babe talent in the UK!


Babestation Academy Tonight!

It’s going to be a good one fellas.  Check out the line up of recruits here to entertain you…

Remember, calls are only 36p a min from 4pm!  So get them well trained guys!


Cheap Babestation

Babestation Academy

Kimberly, Penelope and Layla!

Cheap Babestation

Babestation Academy

That should be more than enough to keep you going.

Babestation Academy – Nurturing the new generation of Babestation Babes!

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New Babestation recruit Layla and a mystery guest on tonight’s show!

You know the drill boys.  From 4-6 pm you’ll be required to put the Academy girls through their paces!

Amelia is the 21 year old from London who is very keen to impress.  She’s trying to keep up with the training and she’d very much appreciate your support.  Remember that calls cost only 36p per minute between 4-6 pm this evening on Babestation.tv.


Babestation Academy only 36p per minute between 4-6 PM

Layla is the 23 year old blonde from Manchester that you deem worthy of the Academy, and she’s VERY excited to be on the show tonight from 9 PM.  Along with Layla will be the very talented recruit Kimberly Jones.  Sky 908 – Freeview 175


New Babestation Academy girl Layla

Layla and Kimberly will be joined on the show by a special mystery guest too tonight.  I’m not going to tell you who, you’ll have to tune into SKY Channel 908 or Freeview 175 and check it out for yourself.  Don’t miss it, this one is going to be good!


Babestation Academy Kimberly

Babestation TV – Putting babes through their paces for over ten years!

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Babestation Academy! What you need to know…

Do you lot know about Babestation Academy?

Whether you do or don’t you’ll need to read this because it’s important, so put your glasses on for a moment and your cock in your pants.


Babestation Academy Recruit Ruby

Some of you may be aware that Babestation Academy Training began a couple of weeks ago, online via our website.  Training is now in session every week from 4pm-6pm and the girls on the show are trying out for the accolade of appearing on the live SKY line up in the following weeks.

Most of them haven’t done it before, but they’re all usually from the glamour industry – not necessarily “adult” if you catch my drift.

Babestation pics

Babestation recruit Penelope

These “training girls” will only charge you 36 pence per minute to tease and please you during the hours of 4-6 pm every week on a Wednesday.  You can go along to the show and have some fun with them and then vote for them FREE via our website until Thursday.  After the training session we compile all your votes and see just how well each recruit has done and pick the cadets who will appear on the live Sky show in the following weeks.

Good idea yes?

First Live Show tomorrow night 9pm!

Following the last recruiting session, we chose our new Academy babes and they’ll be live tomorrow night at 9pm!  These babes include the very successful Paris Pricey who will be leading the team and showing the new cadets how it’s done.

Cadet Leader Paris Pricey starts the first live show Wednesday 9pm

Cadet Leader Paris Pricey starts the first live show Wednesday 9pm

Following Paris will be two more hot from the training camp cadets – Danni Levy and the dominatrix Kimberley James


On Babestation Academy Wednesday 9pm



Babestation Academy Kimberly

You’ll be able to see their profiles on the Babestation Academy page and have your say about who should stay on Babestation Academy and who should go!

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