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6th July – Babestation Sunday with Leigh Darby, Preeti and many more

Babestation Daytime:

  • Ashley Jaye
  • Ayesha
  • Kaitlyn
  • Hannah C

Preeti on Babestation tonight


  • Preeti
  • Sophie
  • Ella
  • Cali-Garci
  • Leigh

Hell, you wouldn’t have thought Leigh Darby would have any energy left after last night would you?  Her show on Babestation X has left our Beth with a night off recovering.  Leigh must be hardcore, not just hardcore lesbian action!

Leigh Darby tits

Leigh Darby

Leigh has done some shoots lately and if you want to catch up with all her latest and exclusive antics you can find it all on right now.   You can also see her live show recording with Elicia Solis onsite too, that’s one to watch!  We’ll do our best to get the Beth show on soon too.

Babestation – Where all the best babes hang out!

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Preeti takes a walk on the wild side!

Today is a very special day indeed.  Today… well, tonight… is the first time the gorgeous Preeti Young will appear on Babestation Unleashed…

We can hear the screams of joy from here guys, we know how you feel.  You’ve seen her doing Babestation X live shows of course, but you’ve only ever been able to see her go really naughty during the first half an hour when the show is only available online right?  Well, Unleashed is online of course, but it’s available all day and all night and it’s completely FREE!


Preeti appearing on Unleashed 17.00-23.00

This is where you’ll catch the wonderful Preeti, and she’ll be on between the hours of 17.00-23.00.  We’re not sure if she’s likely to make it a regular event so make sure you get a glimpse of what you really want to see tonight.

Babestation - Preeti goes bad!

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Preeti says no to racism!

Preeti says no to racism…

Isn’t this a Preeti sight?  To see one of our best girls with that banana in her mouth makes us as horny as it does proud.  Proud of course because Preeti is yet another of our girls making a stand against racism by brandishing the banana; an icon that represents Dani Alves’ stand against racist taunts on the football field.


Babestation’s Preeti says no to racism

This young Brazilian star collected a banana from the floor that had been hurled at him at the corner post, peeled it and took a bite!  Since then the sports world and many others have been behind him in a campaign that seems to have sprung up out of nowhere!

Show your support for Alves, Preeti and the other Babestation girls, and indeed anyone else who takes a stand against racism by posting this article on your social network with #saynotoracism

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Preeti on the show tonight!

It’s going to be a Preeti New Year!

It’s the first day back to work for many of you we know, and we’d like to wish you a good day and tell you about what you can look forward to when you return tonight!



Preeti is going to be on the show among others, including: Georgie, Savannah, Ruby, Beth and Gina… So there’s plenty to go at boys.  Preeti had a marvellous Christmas and a very Happy New Year so we’re told, and she’s more than prepared for everything 2014 has to throw at her; and with a body like that, how could she not be!

So here’s to another great year on Babestation…  Let’s start with Preeti!

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Savannah and Preeti on Babestation X this weekend!

It’s going to be another stunning show on Babestation X this weekend!

They’ve got Savannah on Friday and Preeti on Saturday!  You can’t get much bloody better than that really can you?

Savannah is on Friday night, and she’s really looking forward to the show.  When you get a Babestation girl like Savannah, with those fantastic tits bouncing all over the place, you’ve just got to make a date to stay in on Friday night; or at least come home from the pub early and let her entertain your trouser snake for a while.  It’s only fair he gets some attention after you’ve been gawking at all the talent in the boozer and giving him none!

Savannah on Babestation X Friday night

Savannah on Babestation X Friday night

Remember you can catch this Babestation X live event here on the standard Babestation website for free if you’re a member of course.  If you’re not a member you can get it for as little as £1.50 including all the content from our site!

Preeti on Babestation X Saturday night

Preeti on Babestation X Saturday night

Preeti is always up for some Babestation X activity, as you all know, so Saturday will be her night to show everyone what she’s got –again!  We’ve got some great content for Preeti in the member’s area by the way, and it’s all exclusive to Babestation.  It’s a great time to use the trial membership this Friday because you get two days access.  Two live shows, and two days on our website to help yourself to all the exclusive Babestation girl content you’ll ever need.

It’s all £1.50!

Babestation – Fuck me it’s cheap adult entertainment

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She’s not just a Preeti face!

Our gorgeous Preeti has more up her sleeve than you’d imagine guys…

When I took the time to get to know Preeti during an interview I did with her recently I discovered that this lovely piece of ass, with a fine body and even better tits, has a lot more to her.  Preeti is actually a fully qualified hairdresser believe it or not – in fact she’s what they call a “colour specialist!”  You see what I mean, there is life before Babestation, and Preeti seems to have lived it.

Preeti from Babestation

Preeti from Babestation

However, we are eternally grateful to those “lad mag” guys who managed to scout Preeti and her sister Priya for some modelling work, because without them we wouldn’t have her on the number on Babe channel in the UK would we?  What a nice lot they are…  Well, we’ve got her now guys and you can’t have her back!

Preeti is one of those Babestation girls that you simply know will be around for a while.  She has already been with us for more than three years, and we’re looking forward to at least ten more years out of her!  I know she’s got the fanbase.

Share your thoughts on the lovely Preeti with us by leaving a comment in the box.

Babestation - Showing you what our girls can do!

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Exclusive Preeti content on Babestation’s member site…

One of our top girls – Preeti Young – makes the move onto Babestation X tonight, but if it’s exclusive video and picture sets you want, take a look at Babestation’s member’s area…

Preeti made her move onto Babestation with her gorgeous sister Priya.  These two hit the babe world by storm with their tantric teasings, and they even have a website dedicated to them both for all you Indian glamour model fans out there.  However, they’ve also got solo profiles on Babestation, and Preeti has some content you simply won’t want to miss.

Preeti Babestation X

Preeti working out!

Being a member of Babestation doesn’t cost much and you can sign up on various plans with various different payment methods.  A membership with us also gets you access to the bonus live shows that go out all the time from Sexstationtv etc, so you’re really getting quite a lot for your money.



Preeti’s show on Babestation X tonight promises to be a good one.  It’s been talked about a lot and people are really beginning to create a buzz about the event.  You can follow Preeti on Twitter and see what her own thoughts on the show are.  Ask her a question or two, I’m sure she’d be happy to get involved if she’s available.  Tonight’s show will be interactive of course, so you’ll have a chance to get to know Preeti even more than you did before; and maybe see a little more too?


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Preeti & Priya – New!

Preeti & Priya - New!
Hot New Pics From Our Twindians!

Yes, they’re real sisters, they’re real twins, and they just love getting naked with each other for our cameras! Check out these new pics from the Tantric Twins! See them all here!


Preeti & Priya’s Pistols!

Preeti & Priya's Pistols!
Preeti & Priya Get Their Cannons Out!

Look, it’s the hot Babestation Indian twins Preeti & Priya, and they’re getting naked and that! They wop out the water pistols for this shoot and strip each other off. Have gander at the rest!

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Preeti & Priya

Preeti & Priya
Preeti & Priya Don Their Bedwear!

Our hot twins, Preeti & Priya get deck out in their pj’s for their latest shoot… before stripping each other off on the bed! Sibling naughtiness from the tantric twins! See the full shoot at the site.


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